Hey there, Skepticondlers!

We have done a whole slew of blog posts on all the fun things we have going on around Skepticon that aren’t workshops or talks. In case you missed them, or you want to have them all at your fingertips, here is a list with links!

Art Contest! Only $20 to enter, and everyone wins a prize! Limited to 10 entries!

Raffle! Saturday and Sunday, different items each day! Tickets $1 each or 6 for $5, or get up to 5 tickets free by bringing in a food item for the Food Pantry.

Food Pantry! Stop by if you need a snack or a meal, and don’t have the financial means to get one. Or bring a donation for your fellow attendees!

Prom Clothes Closet! Need an outfit for SkeptiProm? Swing by and see if we have something for you to take! Donations are needed, so bring stuff to help stuff our Closet!

Food Trucks! London Calling and Not’cho Ordinary Taco are coming back with their yummy, yummy noms! And they’re being joined by Spork Express — which focuses on vegetarian and vegan cuisine — on Saturday!

Blood Drive! Friday afternoon — donate a pint to save a life!

Friday Game Night! Bring games to share, borrow a game from the loaner pile, or just hang out!

SkeptiProm! (Prom start time has changed to 9:30 pm) Further Prom info! Earplugs are now findable, and we fixed the flashy lights. And more Prom info, this time about our extra special DJ, Victor Harris Jr.!

Saturday Night Social! A Prom-adjacent place to hang out that isn’t Prom.

Child Care! We weren’t able to get child care, but hopefully what we do have will help.

Community Spaces! Borrow the Community Room for a meeting or hangout! Leave a message at the Community Board!

And we have lots of other great stuff we’re offering to our attendees — live captioning on the main stage, charging stations in the Grand Ballroom, communication stickers, fidgets, a red lanyard policy for privacy protection, a quiet room, and gender neutral bathrooms!

We hope you have your most fantastic Skepticon yet!

Team Skepticon

PS – It’s not too late! Donate! And register!

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