Howdy Skepticon Town!

Our fundraising may be slower and lower than we need, but that doesn’t mean we won’t have fun at Skepticon! So many of our activities cost Skepticon nothing or very little, but add so much to the event.

The first activity we want to announce is the Art Contest! This is our 3rd year of having an art contest, and it has been amazing each time. This year’s medium is clay. That’s right, you get to go freeform and make an amazing sculpture, and win a prize for your effort!

Cost: $20 — Limit of 10 entries

Where: In the lobby of the main hall

What you receive: Crayola Model Magic clay, clay tools, paint, and paintbrushes

Attendees will vote on their favorite sculpture!

Details: Sales will start Friday at 9 am and will go until all 10 entries have been purchased. Model Magic is a spongy clay-type material that dries fairly well within 24 hours. You will receive individually wrapped 1 oz packs — 2 white; 1 each of red, yellow, and blue, plus your choice of 2 additional color packs. You will also receive a set of 5 admittedly cheap, plastic clay tools. Paint and cheap, plastic paintbrushes are available to customize your sculpture. Feel free to use your own supplies or decorations! (Feathered dinosaurs, anyone?)

Voting by your fellow attendees will begin Saturday at 2 pm. We hope you can return your sculpture by then, but we don’t want to rush you! You can return it to us at any time. Just because you might be late doesn’t mean you won’t win 1st prize, we’ve seen it happen!

Winners will be announced Sunday at 10:50 am (between the panel discussion and the first speaker.) Everyone wins a prize! First place gets to choose their prize first, second place chooses second, etc down the line. Plus you get to keep your sculpture!

The art contest has been great fun in the past, and we expect it will be again this year! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Team Skepticon

PS – Most of our activities are low or no cost to Skepticon, but the rest of conference isn’t! Donate now and help us keep Skepticon amazing!

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