Greetings Skepti-peeps!

We are very pleased to announce that there will be gender neutral bathrooms available again at Skepticon! The gender neutral bathrooms will be in the main hall, about halfway between the glass atrium and the registration area. Menstrual hygiene products will be available in both bathrooms. The urinals will be covered and placed out of order, so as to provide as much privacy as possible. The bathroom on the left has full floor-to-ceiling cubicles, and provide the most privacy. The bathroom on the left has traditional stalls.

Gender segregated bathrooms are available at the Grand Ballroom end of the hall, past registration, and in hall outside the Fire and Ice restaurant. The urinals in the “mens” rooms will be open for business, and menstrual products will be available in the “womens” bathrooms only.

Please use the bathrooms you feel most comfortable with. As always, please respect the privacy of others.

Oh, and watch out for the sinks, they’re determined to soak your lower half!

Team Skepticon

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