Skepticon 12 Trivia Night

Hello Skeptifolks!

Join us for an evening of trivia and merriment this upcoming Friday, August 14th at 9pm CST.

Hosted by Eli Heina Dadabhoy, this trivia night is sure to tickle your funny bones and also test your knowledge of all things. Yes, all of them.

Click here to RSVP to the Facebook event! A link will be shared in the event description so that you can join in and test your knowledge.

Do you have what it takes to win Skepticon trivia?

See you there!



P.S. All donations to Skepticon go directly to hosting the event, can you spare a few dollars?

Introducing: The SkepTonight Show with Keith Lowell-Jensen!

Hello Skeptifriends!

Skepticon is officially making its first foray into late night tele-zoom-vision with The SkepTonight Show!

Illustrious Host Keith Lowell-Jensen will be chatting with special guests Eli Heina Dadabhoy, Leighann Lord, and Greta Christina late-night style. Each guest will share a special (and hilarious) story. You don’t want to miss this!

More About our hosts and guests:

Keith Lowell-Jensen

Comedian and connoisseur of silly straws, Keith Lowell-Jensen is a master of the funnies. This will be his second appearance at Skepticon because we promised him high-quality coffee (Note to self: find high-quality coffee). You can find all things Keith on his hilarious youtube channel, his very shiny website, his spectacularly caffeine fueled twitter, or take a part of him home forever by purchasing one of his DVDs or CDs.
Eli Heina Dadabhoy

Eli Heina Dadabhoy is an ex-Muslim atheist feminist who has written at Skepchick and Freethought Blogs. They now blog at The Orbit, a social-justice oriented network of which they are a co-founder. You may have heard them at Skepticon, the American Atheists National Convention, the Huffington Post Live, and Have Your Say on the BBC World Service or read about them in the New York Times.
Leighann Lord

Leighann Lord was the New York City face of the African Americans for Humanism outreach campaign sponsored by the Center for Inquiry and it’s Millions Living Happily Without Religion Campaign. Author Chris Johnson featured her in The Atheist Book: A Better Life. Leighann has been a co-host on the Emmy-nominated StarTalk with Neil de Grasse Tyson. Leighann is also a CFI certified Secular Celebrant; officiating at milestone life events commemorated with a nonreligious worldview. Most recently Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. named her one of the Northeast Region’s Significant Seven for her contribution in the field of entertainment. As a veteran stand-up comedian, Leighann has been seen on: Lifetime, VH-1, Comedy Central, HBO, and The View. She is a contributor to the Huffington Post and the author of Leighann Lord’s Dict Jokes: Alternate Definitions for Words You’ve Probably Never Heard of But Will Definitely Never Forget and Real Women Do It Standing Up: Stories From the Career of a Very Funny Lady.
Greta Christina

Greta Christina has been writing professionally since 1989, and has been writing about atheism since 2005. She is author of several books, including “The Way of the Heathen: Practicing Atheism in Everyday Life,” “Comforting Thoughts About Death That Have Nothing to Do with God,” “Coming Out Atheist: How to Do It, How to Help Each Other, and Why, and “Why Are You Atheists So Angry? 99 Things That Piss Off the Godless.” She blogs at Greta Christina’s Blog, at The Orbit, and is on both Facebook and Twitter. She lives in San Francisco with her wife, Ingrid.

Also, Lauren will be there but please don’t expect any clapping push-ups. I mean, hey – those are difficult to capture with a laptop camera!

Click HERE to RSVP to the Facebook event page so you’re sure to enjoy the latest in Skepticon late-night entertainment!



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Skeptiprom 12: MASKERADE

Hello Skeptitownville!

We’re taking our prom out of the building and into your browser this year when we host Skepticon 12: MASKERADE! (Get it? MASKerade??)

Mark your calendars for Saturday, August 15th at 9pm CST (or RSVP to this Facebook event) so that you won’t miss out on the coolest, most dino-iest, skeptiprom-iest dance of the year.

Let’s dance some cares away in 2020 together!



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Are You There, Internet? It’s Me, Skepticon

Hello Skepticoners!

Wow, it’s been a minute or a week or a month or 5 million years (????) since we last chatted. What can we say? Pandemic time makes no sense.

We hope you are staying safe and healthy wherever you are. Times are wild and hard and we’re right there with you working in our communities and trying to keep ourselves and our families safe. Our dino hearts are with you, always.

We’re writing today because we have news: SKEPTICON 12 IS STILL HAPPENING.

That’s right. It’s. Still. Happening.

While we won’t be able to do Skepticon in person like we usually do, we are planning on doing some things here on the internet. Who’s excited to stare at more screens?! YAY! US, TOO!

We’ll be releasing details in the next couple weeks, so stay tuned and safe. Feel free to RSVP to our Facebook event to stay up to date, too!

All our love,

Skepticon HQ

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It’s #GivingTuesday!

Hello friends! It’s been a minute. We here at Skepticon HQ hope that you are coping as well as you can during this wild and weird time that we are in.

Today is #GivingTuesday and that means tons of nonprofits are asking for donations to help keep their worlds spinning. We’d love it if you’d consider donating to Skepticon so we can keep this event happening. You could also become a sustaining Dino Club Member and get perks, including specialized merch!

We realize that there are tons of worthy causes both globally and locally that could use your help, too. Whether or not you choose to donate to us, we hope that you will pick a cause important to you and show them some love today if you are able.

Also – we have the logo for this year’s event ready! Behold:

We think this logo looks SUPER and hope you do, too.

Talk again soon!



Skepticon Logo

Hello, is it SK12 You’re Looking For?


It’s been a minute and wow, just so many things have happened *gesticulates vaguely at everything around them*

We’ve done some thinking, and due to the recent Covid-19 wildness, we’re taking Skepticon 12 remote!

What does this mean? We’re partying ONLINE! MATRIX STYLE! As we migrate our programming to the internets, we’ll be sure to post regular updates on what kinds of fun stuff we have in store for yall.

Talk to you soon, friends! And we sincerely hope you are safe and doing well, wherever you are.



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An Apology from Skepticon

Hello Skepticoners,

After Skepticon, 11 we put out the call for feedback on how we can improve the event for next year. By far the most significant point of criticism we received was the scheduling of Skepticon coinciding with the anniversary of the death of Mike Brown.

Unfortunately, when we scheduled Skepticon 11, the anniversary wasn’t on our radar. By the time we were aware of the conflict, we’d already signed a contract for the date with the venue. As a result, St. Louis was in a state of mourning when we were asking the community to come and talk about science excitedly with us.

While we didn’t set out to hurt anyone or this community, that certainly happened and for that we apologize. Next year, Skepticon 12 will happen August 14th-16th and we pledge to take steps to check for these sorts of conflicts going forward.

We want to thank those of you who offered your criticism and hope that we can move forward together.



Thank you for coming to Skepticon 11!

Dear Skepticoners,

Thank you so much for attending and supporting us this year! It was so so so great to see all of your faces. A brand new attendee mentioned that it was like walking into a giant family reunion and we couldn’t agree more.

We hope you’re traveling home safe and getting some much needed rest and self care.

We’ll see you next year at the same place for Skepticon 12 on August 14th, 15th, and 16th 2020!


Keep being awesome,

Team Skepticon

SK11 Important Stuff!

OMG, Skepticonites!


Here are some important things to know:

Parking is $5 per day for attendees not staying in the hotel. Get a ticket when you enter the parking garage, then make sure to get a sticker for your ticket. That sticker is what gets you the special rate, otherwise it’ll cost you a lot more. We encourage you to carpool or use mass transit options — the station is just across the street from our venue!

Childcare has moved to a different floor. Due to mechanical issues, childcare and the nursing & napping rooms have had to move, but they are still available! Please check at the registration desk for more information.

The Cardinals are playing home games all weekend. The stadium is only a half mile from our venue, so traffic will be bad, restaurants will be crowded, and there will be people all over the place, especially a couple of hours before and after the games. Game times are 7:15pm on Friday, 6:15pm on Saturday, and 1:15pm on Sunday. Go sportsball!

Check for the most up-to-date information. Workshop topics and locations, main stage topics, and activity locations are all updated here. Info also always available at the registration desk.

Need help? Look for the pink Organizer or green Volunteer ribbons on people’s badges. These people will know how to get you what you need! This includes high fives!

You are the most amazing attendees evar! We appreciate all your support for Skepticon, and can’t WAIT to spend this fantastic weekend with you!

Team Skepticon

SK11 Cram Session: Attending to our Attendees!

Hey there, Skepticondlers!

You know who we adore? You! Our attendees! So we do our best to make you all comfortable and as happy as possible. Here are some ways we’re doing that:

Quiet Room — There will be a quiet room available for when you need a moment away from the hustle and bustle of the con. It’s on the 13th floor, so it’s convenient to all the con rooms!

Fidgets — Check the registration table to borrow a fidget if you need one!

Gender Neutral Restrooms — The restrooms in the center of the convention hall will be gender neutral. There are gender segregated restrooms at the far end of the hall past the main stage/workshop rooms.

Child Care — Child care will be available for ages newborn and up! There is a suggested donation of $5 per hour per child. Child care is being provided by TLC Family Care. More information available here and at registration.

Nursing & Napping Room — A quiet room will be available for parents and their little ones to take a break for a nosh or a nap. There will be 2 playpens and 10 nap mats available for the little ones, and comfy couches and chairs for the parental ones. More information is available at registration.

Red Lanyard Policy — Not all of our attendees are out in their home communities as the people they are while at Skepticon. Those people will be wearing red lanyards, and pictures of them or use of their names should not be used in any way without their explicit permission.

Reserved for Mobility Devices — We will have several areas in the main stage/workshop spaces reserved for people with mobility devices. If you need help finding these spaces, or moving chairs to be in your preferred area, let us know!

Captioning — White Coat Captioning, and more specifically, our favorite captioner Mirabai, will be returning to provide captioning for all the main stage presentations!

Communication Stickers — We respect that some people are not comfortable conversing with strangers, or want to regulate their interaction with people. Everyone can opt to use the communication stickers or not, but please respect the wishes of those who do use them.

Food Pantry — We found out that some of our attendees were going hungry, or at least not eating very much or very healthy, while attending Skepticon. That was not acceptable, so we introduced our Food Pantry! We will have a microwave and hot water available, as well as plates, bowls, napkins, utensils, etc.

If you can, please bring items to donate to the food pantry! For every item you bring, you will get one raffle ticket (max. 5 tickets.) Suggested items are fresh or canned/packaged fruit; ready-to-eat soups (not condensed); chili; “instant” foods like Cup-a-Noodles, mac & cheese cups, etc; single serving peanut butter & crackers, cheese & crackers, tuna or chicken salad & crackers, etc; single serving packages of snack foods: dried fruit, raisins, cereal, nuts, trail mix, crackers, jerky, etc; granola bars; oatmeal or Cream of Wheat packets. Also needed are paper bowls (not styrofoam, they melt in the microwave), plastic spoons and forks, and napkins or paper towels. If you’re able to accommodate dietary restrictions such as vegetarian or vegan, gluten-free, diabetic, etc, that would be super awesome. If you donate a special item, please notify us when you drop off so we can set it aside for someone who needs such an item.

Clothes Closet — Need clothes? Come visit the Clothes Closet! Have extra clothes? Bring them to the Clothes Closet, and get up to 5 raffle tickets! This started as just clothes for Prom, but this year we’re expanding it to include all clothes! More info is available here

Community Message Board — Leave a message for a friend, request a ride, or just share a fun saying! The message board is available for anything you need, as long as it’s good.

We hope this helps you have an even better time at Skepticon! If you think of something we should be providing, please leave us a comment in the box at the registration table!

Looking forward to an amazing time with all of you this weekend!

Team Skepticon

PS — Donations are what make these accommodations possible. Please help if you can!