Hi Skepticoneers!

We just wanted to let you know that the communication stickers and fidgets will be back for SK9!

We upgraded the communication stickers this year by adding a shape component. So, we have blue circles for communication desired; yellow triangles for communication limited to known people; and red squares for little or no communication. They are also bigger stickers, so they will be more easily seen by other attendees. No sticker means you are comfortable establishing your communication boundaries on your own. As always, the use of the stickers is not required, but abiding by your fellow attendees’ sticker is.

The fidgets will be available at the registration table. We have discarded the ones from last year that were cool but got really nasty, and the rest will be sanitized. Feel free to borrow what you need! Please return them to the registration table when you’re done : )

Team Skepticon

PS – Donations are what help us keep cool things like communication stickers and fidgets available for our whole community. Help us out if you can, and your donation will be matched!

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