Hi there, Skepticoneers!

I know, you’re all saying, “Saturday Night Social? But Bluebecca, the Prom is on Saturday night! How can you have 2 events at the same time?!” It’s easy peasy, my friends.

We recognize that people don’t necessarily want to dance or hang out in a loud, crowded room, but they might still want to socialize. So, we’re opening up the Grand Ballroom! It will still be set up in the lecture format, but we’re rolling in some tables so y’all can play games, sit around a chit chat, do crafts, plot how to take over the world.. whatever it is that makes your Saturday night special!

The bar at SkeptiProm will be available for all your thirst-quenching needs (but water is free! It’s just on the other side of the room…)

And if you want to do both Prom and socialize? Not to worry, the door between the ballrooms will be open for easy migration between the two rooms.

The Grand Ballroom will be open until 1 am, so come on by and hang out!

Team Skepticon

PS – We know, we’re a borked record… Register! Donate! Get donations matched! Please! Thank you!

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