the heck is this skepticon thing.

Skepticon is a skeptic/freethinker/educational/awesome conference that is held annually in St Louis, MO.

It is the mission of Skepticon to support, promote, and develop free-thought, skeptic, and scientific communities through inclusive educational programming, and with an expressly social-justice oriented philosophy.

…which is really a fancy way of saying we all get together to share ideas, knowledge, and high fives.

Skepticon is also the largest FREE skeptic conference in the nation, and quite possibly the universe*. We accomplish this through a small team of dedicated workers, the help of a great many amazing volunteers, and of course–the support of people like you!

*we have PZ Myers working on verifying this

We are currently raising funds for Skepticon 11, to be held in St Louis, MO! We’re also updating this website quite a bit, in real time, without a staging server, because the greasemonkey making it happen decided to do it live!

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Help Our Legal Defense Fund, Get Dino Swag

Well, Skepticon fanaroos, here we are, two years into our legal fight with Richard Carrier, and we're still standing strong for what we believe. But it's costing us dearly to keep going. So, we're throwing a fundraiser! And you can choose an amazing and dino-filled, hand-made thank-you gift for your donation. That's right, each of the fabulous creations on this page were made one at a time by a human Skepticon organizer (okay, except the postcards).


Where is Skepticon 11?

HELLO SKEPTICON FRIENDS! O. M. G. have we missed you! What have you been up to? Did you do cool things? I certainly hope so. We’re writing to you today from our hibernation caves to Read more…


What to do with the kids?

Hey skeptical parents and guardians! We really wish we could provide childcare for you. Every year, we try to get someone(s) to volunteer to do it, and every year it doesn’t happen. BUT! We have Read more…



Boy howdy, Skepticon Town! Where has the time gone?! You need activities information, and stat! FRIDAY 1pm to 5pm — Blood Drive! Community Blood Center of the Ozarks will bring their mobile donation vehicle to Read more…



HELLO! We almost forgot to tell you about two new things at Skepticon this year! The first is that we will be changing our seating around in the Main hall so that the center sections Read more…


Well, there will be info here as soon as we have some I guess
No seriously, we're like thiiiiiiiiiiiiiis close to signing things and telling you stuff!

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