Live from Skepticon 12!


August 15, 2020



(we’re going online, yall)


the heck is this Skepticon thing.

Skepticon is a skeptic/freethinker/educational/awesome conference that is held annually in St Louis, MO.

It is the mission of Skepticon to support, promote, and develop free-thought, skeptic, and scientific communities through inclusive educational programming, and with an expressly social-justice oriented philosophy.

…which is really a fancy way of saying we all get together to share ideas, knowledge, and high fives.

Skepticon is also the largest FREE skeptic conference in the nation, and quite possibly the universe*. We accomplish this through a small team of dedicated workers, the help of a great many amazing volunteers, and of course–the support of people like you!

*we have PZ Myers working on verifying this

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Dinosaurs dancing on keyboards typing things for you to read

Skepticon 13 Date Announcement

HELLO SKEPTIFRIENDS! Mark your calendars for next year, because we’ve got a super spooky one for ya. Skepticon 13 will be held August 13–15th 2021! We would say it’s divine intervention that Skepticon 13 starts Read more…

Skepticon 12 Schedule

GET READY SKEPTIFRIENDS! Today starts Skepticon 12, our most online-iest Skepticon ever. Here’s a schedule of the weekend’s events: Don’t forget: click the link in the FB event to join the audience for anything you Read more…

SK12 Panel: Cosplay 101

Hello Skepticoners! We’re happy to announce a panel for this year’s virtual event. Introducing: Cosplay 101 About the panel: “What is cosplay? How do I get started if it sounds like fun? Do I have Read more…


We'll be in YOUR COMPUTER MACHINE August 15, 2020 at the YOUR HOME Hotel! OOOOH CYBERSPACEY!

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