Hi Skepti-friends!

We know not all of you can be out in your community, whatever “out” means for you — atheism, skepticism, gender, sexuality, whatever. Skepticon strives to be a safe place for everyone, and we want everyone feel secure in expressing themselves however they feel most comfortable. To that end, Skepticon enforces the Red Lanyard Policy.

In an effort to protect those who cannot or do not wish their photos be shared via social media, they will be wearing red lanyards. Please be extra careful to not include them in photographs, videos or share them or their names on social media platforms.

We wish everyone could be who they are wherever they are, and we’re trying our best to change the world, one conference at a time! Until then, red lanyards are our way of protecting our attendees.

Thank you for respecting the Red Lanyard Policy!

Team Skepticon

PS – The first day of Skepticon is almost here! But we could still use some funds. Donate if you can!!

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