Sk6 Speakers: The Fourquel

CarlFeaturedAnother week, and another post about speakers WOOHOOO! Are you ready for it to be fall yet?






David Tamayo

President and Founder of the Hispanic American Freethinkers, David is one of the nicest people that Skepticon has ever had the pleasure of tabling next to and couldn’t be more excited about him speaking this year. He is also one of the hosts of the HAFree Podcast and has a super impressive resume to boot. Welcome to Skepticon, David!





Hemant Mehta

Blogger, author, tireless activist and overall awesome person Hemant Mehta totally lives up to the name of his infamous blog, the Friendly Atheist. Hemant also serves on the board of directors for the Foundation Beyond Belief, once sold his soul on ebay, written a book about young atheists, teaches high school math and most likely never sleeps, but waits. Be sure to check out his twitter and tell him you’ll see him at Skepticon!





JT Eberhard

Known for eating babies and destroying worldviews, JT Eberpants is the co-founder of Skepticon and has since moved on to doing all of the blogging and speaking gigs. He is known for making everyone cry with his speeches at Skepticon, so remember to bring your hankies! He also wanted me to add to this bio that he is an army of one…yep. Follow him on the twitter for more shenanigans!



Oh goodness, only one more week to post speakers–who else could be on the list? Tune in next week to find out!




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Skepticon Gets the Warm Fuzzies


As a few of you may have heard, Skepticon made a pretty big decision on what to do with a sponsor a couple of days ago. Since then, quite a bit has happened.To start,we have raised over $3600! All thanks to the generous support of this awesome community. You all have definitely helped us get a great start on funding this year’s con and we couldn’t be more amazed by this community.

We would also like to clear something up: Debbie Goddard is absolutely going to speak at this year’s Skepticon. She has always been an amazing part of this movement and has been especially integral in helping both The Missouri State University Chapter of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and Skepticon find traction in its fledgling years. In short: we heart Debbie.

Thanks for everything!



Skepticon Says Goodbye To a Sponsor

Dear Internet,

We here at Skepticon HQ love our movement. We love that we don’t always agree, are wicked smart and have a penchant for awesome hats. Skepticon has always worked hard to cultivate a conference that celebrates such diversity and awesomeness, doing our best to ensure that any and all know that they are welcome and safe at our event.

However, after witnessing the actions of one of our years long sponsors, the Center for Inquiry (CFI), it has come to our attention that, in order to uphold the values that we have come to embody and endorse, we will no longer accept their sponsorship.

So what does this mean for Skepticon? Well, losing a large sponsor is going to hurt a little bit (we’re probably going to have to sell some of those awesome hats were were talking about) but it has made even determined than ever to make a conference that we can be proud of.



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Even Moar SK6 Speaker Names


Skeptionians! It has been far too long (seven days in fact) since we last talked about who is gracing us with their presence this fall, so let’s get crackin’!






John Corvino

Author of What’s Wrong With Homosexuality (spoiler alert: nothing) and co-author of Debating Same Sex Marriage, John Corvino is more awesome than dinosaurs with mustaches and hats. He is also a youtuber, philosopher, speaker, professor at Wayne State University and international man of mystery. Here is his website and twitter so you can find out more.




Monica R. Miller

Currently a Senior Research Fellow with The Institute for Humanist Studies (Washington, DC) and co-chair of a new American Academy of Religion (AAR) group entitled ‘Critical Approaches to the Study of Hip Hop and Religion,’ Miller is principal investigator of a large scale survey project (Remaking Religion) in Portland, Oregon which explores religion in youth culture. She is the author of Religion and Hip Hop and is hard at work on her second book entitled Blacklandia: The Subtleties of Race in Portland.



Rebecca Watson

PZ Myers favorite speaker at Skepticon and of all time, Rebecca is the O.G. Skepchick and kicks all of the asses. She has an asteroid named after her and co-hosts the Skeptics Guide to the Universe. Here is her twitter–now go follow her and send her a link to a picture of an adorable sloth!




Seth Andrews

Head honcho over at The Thinking Atheist, Seth Andrews is the author of Deconverted: A Journey from Religion to Reasonpodcaster and fabricator of all the media things. Go to his twitter so you can tweet at him how psyched you are to see him this year! There may be just about a million Seth Andrews in the world (trust us, we googled it), but we like this one a whole lot. As a sidenote: Skepticon wants everyone to know we want Seth to read us stories at night because his voice is sweet, sweet velvety magic.



We’re halfway through the list! This year is going to be our most 6th one yet, I can just feel it!

Until next week!




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More Speaker Names for SK6 Revealed!



Another week of June gone and more speakers revealed! I just about peed my pants in anticipation so let’s get started!




Debbie_GoddardDebbie Goddard

Debbie Goddard is the godmother of Skepticon. From Skepticon’s fledgling years as a bunch of crazy young people to our transition to slightly older crazy people, Debbie and her tireless activism and support has been there along the way. She is currently the Outreach Director over at the CFI as well as the Director of African Americans for Humanism. Follow her on twitter and tell her how awesome she is.




PZ Myers

A veteran of the Skepticon conference, PZ (Which stands for Paul Zachary–thanks Wikipedia!) has been here since day one after we plied him with a pirate hat and beer. He regularly blogs over at Pharyngula and can be found at the University of Minnesota, Morris teaching the next generation about biology and how to piss off the religious right. Also, he hates crackers and loves squids–please do not confuse the two. He once rode a dinosaur. Here are his yootubes and tweetar to get the full experience.



Rebecca Hensler

The founder of Grief Beyond Belief, Rebecca Hensler has introduced an invaluable support network for secular people everywhere. School counselor by day and super activist by night, Rebecca is pretty much ten tons of awesome and so much more than ‘the grief lady’. Fun fact: she once ordained one of Greta and Ingrid’s weddings.




Richard Carrier

Another veteran of the Skepticon conference (we bribed him with pirate regalia and compliments–a deadly combination), Richard Carrier is a historian, author, blogger, and knower of all of the things. Seriously, ask him about anything and forty minutes later you will know more than you could have ever imagined possible. Check out his youtube channel and blog to fill your brain with all the smarts.



Another week of speaker revealing has come and gone and gosh darnit, we liked it.

Till next time, stay skeptic my friends!




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First Speaker Names Revealed For SK6!





It’s June! You know what that means? Each week we are going to release the names of the speakers that will be coming to Springfield, MO to rock your frickin’ socks off. Without further ado:



aronraAron Ra

Mere words cannot describe the man that is Aron Ra. Sent from an unknown Vulcan/Cowboy/Badass Mofo clan of people, Aron Ra lays down the law of evolution with his amazeballs yurturbes videos and immaculate facial hair. He is also the Texas State Director of the American Atheists and has a show about magic sandwiches. We couldn’t be happier to have him coming to speak this year, so check out Aron’s (pronounced ar-ron for you noobs out there) blorg and twitters to find out more.


Amanda Knief

Amanda Knief is the Administrative Director at the American Atheists, author, dog lover, giver of amazing hugs, and absolute workhorse for the secular movement through her lobbying and tireless activism. In the past, she has been the Government Relations Manager at the Secular Coalition for America, board member of the American Humanist Association, and has cultivated an army of secular lobbyists across the country with her speeches and workshops. Here is her twittar so you can know more about this truly amazing lady.


amandamarcotteAmanda Marcotte

Amanda Marcotte is a journalist, blogger, and overall BAMF feminist/skeptic superhero. She has written articles for SLATE, The Guardian, and a whole host of other super impressive places on top of being the executive editor of Pandagon, writing a couple of books and she still finds the time to hit us up daily with all of the knowledges. We’re pretty sure she never sleeps, so check out her awesome twittery thing and get readin’.



Yes, all those names start in A for AWESOME! Til’ next week!
Love, Skepticon


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