Another week of June gone and more speakers revealed! I just about peed my pants in anticipation so let’s get started!




Debbie_GoddardDebbie Goddard

Debbie Goddard is the godmother of Skepticon. From Skepticon’s fledgling years as a bunch of crazy young people to our transition to slightly older crazy people, Debbie and her tireless activism and support has been there along the way. She is currently the Outreach Director over at the CFI as well as the Director of African Americans for Humanism. Follow her on twitter and tell her how awesome she is.




PZ Myers

A veteran of the Skepticon conference, PZ (Which stands for Paul Zachary–thanks Wikipedia!) has been here since day one after we plied him with a pirate hat and beer. He regularly blogs over at Pharyngula and can be found at the University of Minnesota, Morris teaching the next generation about biology and how to piss off the religious right. Also, he hates crackers and loves squids–please do not confuse the two. He once rode a dinosaur. Here are his yootubes and tweetar to get the full experience.



Rebecca Hensler

The founder of Grief Beyond Belief, Rebecca Hensler has introduced an invaluable support network for secular people everywhere. School counselor by day and super activist by night, Rebecca is pretty much ten tons of awesome and so much more than ‘the grief lady’. Fun fact: she once ordained one of Greta and Ingrid’s weddings.




Richard Carrier

Another veteran of the Skepticon conference (we bribed him with pirate regalia and compliments–a deadly combination), Richard Carrier is a historian, author, blogger, and knower of all of the things. Seriously, ask him about anything and forty minutes later you will know more than you could have ever imagined possible. Check out his youtube channel and blog to fill your brain with all the smarts.



Another week of speaker revealing has come and gone and gosh darnit, we liked it.

Till next time, stay skeptic my friends!




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Michael · June 19, 2013 at 3:37 pm

Will Debbie still be a speaker now that you are trying to distance yourself from CFI in a way that comes off (to me atleast) as hostile?

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