CarlFeaturedAnother week, and another post about speakers WOOHOOO! Are you ready for it to be fall yet?






David Tamayo

President and Founder of the Hispanic American Freethinkers, David is one of the nicest people that Skepticon has ever had the pleasure of tabling next to and couldn’t be more excited about him speaking this year. He is also one of the hosts of the HAFree Podcast and has a super impressive resume to boot. Welcome to Skepticon, David!





Hemant Mehta

Blogger, author, tireless activist and overall awesome person Hemant Mehta totally lives up to the name of his infamous blog, the Friendly Atheist. Hemant also serves on the board of directors for the Foundation Beyond Belief, once sold his soul on ebay, written a book about young atheists, teaches high school math and most likely never sleeps, but waits. Be sure to check out his twitter and tell him you’ll see him at Skepticon!





JT Eberhard

Known for eating babies and destroying worldviews, JT Eberpants is the co-founder of Skepticon and has since moved on to doing all of the blogging and speaking gigs. He is known for making everyone cry with his speeches at Skepticon, so remember to bring your hankies! He also wanted me to add to this bio that he is an army of one…yep. Follow him on the twitter for more shenanigans!



Oh goodness, only one more week to post speakers–who else could be on the list? Tune in next week to find out!




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