Camp Quest Cancelled for Skepticon 6


Camp Quest will be unable to be at Skepticon. Unfortunately, they only had one registrant for their camp and will have to cancel this year’s endeavor. We hope that they can come back in the future, but until then we’ll have to do without our beloved Camp Quest at Skepticon 6.


-The Skepticon Team

Pre-Order Your Sk6 Shirt Now and Save!

Hey Skepticonvillage,

We are only a few weeks away from Skepticon 6, have you pre-ordered your shirt yet?

If you pre-order shirts, you save $5 and will be guaranteed a shirt as we only have a limited amount!

If that doesn’t sway your opinion on whether or not you want one of our sweet Sk6 dino shirts, maybe this Vine video of Floyd playing the ukulele in it will change your mind?

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See you soon!



Why Register for Skepticon?

Donate-DinoHello Skeptitown!

With only 25 days left until Skepticon 6, you might be wondering; “Why should I register?”

Other than making it easier for us to know how many people are attending this year (Hi, mom!), did you know that anyone who registers receives a free Skepticon 6 rubber bracelet? Also, those who donate $100 or more at the time of registration will receive an amazing and exclusive gift! We aren’t going to tell you what it is until you get here, but suffice to say that it involves dinosaurs and is pretty darned awesome.

Furthermore, registrants are automatically entered to win prizes that we will give out during the Skepticon 6 weekend!

Have you registered yet? Be sure to do so now and get in on the fun!



Matching Challenge Update!

Donate-DinoHey Skepticontown,

Remember that matching challenge? WE FREAKING DID IT!  So far, we’ve raised $2,357 in October, so we are well on our way of our goal of raising $10,000 to completely fund Skepticon!

However, we are still 13 days away from the end of the month, so you can still jump in on these amazing incentives while they last! Everyone who donates in the month of October will be eligible to win on of these amazing prizes:

Much love from us all!

-The Skepticon Team

Sk6 Grant Winners!

carl iconHey Skepticoners!

We here at Skepticon HQ are super pumped to announce our travel grant recipients!

First up, the winner of the SurlyAmy Grant for Awesome Women who are Awesome:

Miri Mogilevsky!

“To be honest, the skeptical/secular community saved my life. When I first got involved a little over a year ago, that was the first time I really made friends who were into activism, writing, nerdery, and the other stuff I’m into. The people I’ve met through blogging and going to conferences have become my closest friends and they’ve supported me through a lot of difficult life stuff. Seeing them at these cons means the world to me”

and now, the Skepticon Dino Grant Winners:

Tommy Torres!

“My wife and I are recent skeptics/deconverts from christianity. We have kind of weathered the storm together and are still going through coming out to our families and friends. We are surrounded by religious people and it would be great to just get away and meet new people and friends who think like us. My wife is due with our third baby in December and it would be great to have one more mini-vacation before.”

AND David Gier!

“I want to attend because I enjoyed the conference last year for a number of reasons. I was able to meet new people, reconnect with friends I had met at the SSA conference last year, listen to great talks and find fantastic secular books, clothing and flair. I expect to have the same experiences as last year and get the same fantastic memories from it. Also, I hope this trip will benefit the Society of Open-Minded Atheists and Agnostics at KU, of which I’m the president this year, to discuss issues, find new things to do in SOMA, and bond.

And now, the Secular Women Travel Grant Winners:

Rita Messer!

I am relatively new to the secular community, having been a Christian for most of my life until about a year and a half ago. Exposure to new ideas and a community of freethinking people assisted me in a transition that was a type of crisis. I expect to be challenged in my thinking, meet new people, and network in a way that will be helpful not only for my own development but also for that of the community I serve (as a speaker and organizer for Columbus Rationality and a cognitive-behavioral therapist). I am part of the Secular Therapy Project and have several clients who are at various points in their transitions away from faith and coming out to their families. As they seek support in their exploration of existential questions, additional ideas and resources that I can share with them from great thinkers in the skeptic/freethought community will be invaluable.

Brianne Triggs!

Seth Andrews is one of the people who heavily influenced me to take the final steps in admitting that I am an atheist. I listen to his podcasts weekly, connect with him on Facebook, and own his book, DEconverted. I benefit from hearing speakers who can dissect religious arguments with skill and a great attitude, rather than hearing religious communities bashed with hate and malice. Also, I am the only atheist in my very Christian family. Even my long-term boyfriend is religious! I yearn to connect with others in this freethinking community!

Xandra Best!

Last year was my first Skepticon, and it was amazing. This year, I expect it to be even better, because a bunch of my favorite speakers are attending! I’m really excited to hear what new topics they have to discuss, and what different perspectives they have to offer. I also really value the chance to network with other Skeptics. Skepticon is especially cool because it isn’t so limited to students/student leaders, so I get to encounter a much more diverse community. I really appreciate the opportunity to make and maintain connections with the wider skeptic community.

Maria Holt!

I want to attend because I have heard great things about past Skepticons. As treasurer and a member of SOMA who put on Reasonfest, seeing how other conferences do their organizing helps me organize our event. I also would love to meet and see people to further connections and relationships in the community out side my group.

and Amber Adamson!

My mother recently made the observation that she only knows two atheists, and one of them is me. I grew up in the heart of the deep South, amid a family which — with no exaggeration — posts to Facebook on a routine basis with prayers and insistence upon salvation from demonic influences. My aunt claims to perform exorcisms, and friends of my family have been known to remark upon sightings of Jesus standing in the trees. Needless to say, I haven’t had an opportunity for much atheistic solidarity in my life.

We super happy to help these skeptics make their Skepticon dreams come true and want to thank both SurlyAmy and Secular Women for their generosity and awesomeness.

If you would like to donate to these recipients travel costs or to Skepticon in general, click here!


The Skepticon Team

Skepticon Travel Grants!

Skepticon is pleased to announce that Travel Grants are here!


We have three different grants available this year:

  •  The Surly Amy Travel Grant for Awesome Women Who are Awesome
    • Number of Grants – 1
    • Requirements – Identify as Female.
  • The Secular Woman Travel Grant
    • Number of Grants – 1
    • Requirements – Identify as Female.
  • The Skepticon Dino Grants!
    • Number of Grants – Many!
    • Requirements – None!

Applications will be accepted until September 27th at midnight CST. At that time, candidates be selected for each grant and their information will be shared on our blogasaurs. We plan on having a donations link that will go exclusively toward these grants so that we can help as many people as possible enjoy the Skepticon experience. Dinos for everyone!

Click Here if you want to apply for one of the many Travel Grants available this year.

Funding Update for SK6



Skepticoners! With just over two and half months until our big date, we thought it was high time for an update on stuff and things.

The good news: we’re almost halfway to our fundraising goal of 30,000!

The bad news: we’re only halfway to our fundraising goal of 30,000!


Here’s a chart to break it down:


We can do it! Please help us keep Skepticon FREE to attend and happening every year by donating to us today. If you have already donated, please share us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and chain mail letters to all your friends and foes!

Also, don’t forget about these great fundraisers happening right now:

Every little bit helps, so let’s make a conference!



Skepticon Update – Friends Against Hunger

Friends! Skeptics! Activists!

We are pleased to announce that this year we will be sharing the Expo Center with Friends Against Hunger again!

Friends Against Hunger is the group that we shared the Expo Center with last year and their goal is to pack 1 million meals in a three-day span to ship to areas of need.

Last year with the help of some of our attendees they were able to meet that goal! They packaged 960,000 meals and enough raw ingredients to allow them to make another 150,000. 308,000 meals were shipped to the east coast for victims of Hurricane Sandy.  Another 120,000 were distributed in and around Springfield area pantries and feeding programs and the remaining meals were distributed to other needy areas.

FAHunger needs approximately 100 people every 30 minutes, and if you want to be one of those volunteers then all you have to do is go online and register. Now they can only handle so many volunteers at once, so if you do not register but want to be a part of this event it is possible that there may not be enough room. So make sure to register if you are interested in helping.

When volunteering you will be signing up for 2 hour time slots, and they start at 10:00 am on Friday and 9:00 am on Saturday and Sunday. Oddly enough it is the same times Skepticon’s schedule starts each day! Its almost like we had planned that.

“Just two hours of your time will make a difference. Bring a group or come alone. Whatever you do, take action today!!” –

Transportation Could Use Your Help

woosh a plane!Transportation for your favorite speakers will cost us in the neighborhood of $10,000 this year. All of this will be paid for by donations made by attendees and viewers like yourself. Of course, we are looking into reward programs with airlines and other such discounts but that’s a fair figure for what we will be looking at in the next month or so.

We really appreciate your continued support. We have the greatest community ever and we always manage to pull through.

If you haven’t donated yet, we’d love to have you chip in and help. If you have already contributed, consider chipping in a bit more if your budget allows, or maybe even becoming a monthly contributor. You can cancel at any time and we won’t be upset. You can also chip in a bit more at any time. We won’t stop you. You generous, good-looking person you.

If you have any fun ideas for things the Skepticon Team can do as a donation drive, be sure to let us know! You want to see us play through video games as pacifists? No problem! You want us to eat entirely vegan for a whole day? Door-to-door atheism discussions here in town? Proselytize the downtown area?  Nothing too crazy is off the table!

Also, take a moment to share this post or like it on facebook for more visibility if you can. Every little bit helps!

Maybe in a few weeks we’ll all terrify each other with a short story I like to call, “Expo Center Cost Breakdown: The Sixthening”