It’s #GivingTuesday!

Hello friends! It’s been a minute. We here at Skepticon HQ hope that you are coping as well as you can during this wild and weird time that we are in.

Today is #GivingTuesday and that means tons of nonprofits are asking for donations to help keep their worlds spinning. We’d love it if you’d consider donating to Skepticon so we can keep this event happening. You could also become a sustaining Dino Club Member and get perks, including specialized merch!

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Also – we have the logo for this year’s event ready! Behold:

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Hello, is it SK12 You’re Looking For?


It’s been a minute and wow, just so many things have happened *gesticulates vaguely at everything around them*

We’ve done some thinking, and due to the recent Covid-19 wildness, we’re taking Skepticon 12 remote!

What does this mean? We’re partying ONLINE! MATRIX STYLE! As we migrate our programming to the internets, we’ll be sure to post regular updates on what kinds of fun stuff we have in store for yall.

Talk to you soon, friends! And we sincerely hope you are safe and doing well, wherever you are.



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An Apology from Skepticon

Hello Skepticoners,

After Skepticon, 11 we put out the call for feedback on how we can improve the event for next year. By far the most significant point of criticism we received was the scheduling of Skepticon coinciding with the anniversary of the death of Mike Brown.

Unfortunately, when we scheduled Skepticon 11, the anniversary wasn’t on our radar. By the time we were aware of the conflict, we’d already signed a contract for the date with the venue. As a result, St. Louis was in a state of mourning when we were asking the community to come and talk about science excitedly with us.

While we didn’t set out to hurt anyone or this community, that certainly happened and for that we apologize. Next year, Skepticon 12 will happen August 14th-16th and we pledge to take steps to check for these sorts of conflicts going forward.

We want to thank those of you who offered your criticism and hope that we can move forward together.



Thank you for coming to Skepticon 11!

Dear Skepticoners,

Thank you so much for attending and supporting us this year! It was so so so great to see all of your faces. A brand new attendee mentioned that it was like walking into a giant family reunion and we couldn’t agree more.

We hope you’re traveling home safe and getting some much needed rest and self care.

We’ll see you next year at the same place for Skepticon 12 on August 14th, 15th, and 16th 2020!


Keep being awesome,

Team Skepticon

Introducing Allegedly: a Night of Comedy

Hello Skeptifronds!

Skepticon is delighted to introduce Allegedly: a Night of Comedy. One night of laughs to help put the FUN back into fundraising.

Featured comedians include:

Tina Dybal

Hailing from the Former Soviet Union but growing up in Kansas City, Tina Dybal is no stranger to the Midwest. She started her comedy career in Saint Louis and was recently crowned Helium Comedy Club’s “Funniest Person in Saint Louis 2018”. Tina’s unique background, caustic humor, and memorable stage presence have landed her opportunities to open for some of the industry’s best comics such as Michelle Wolf, Christina P., Joey “CoCo” Diaz and Cameron Esposito. Outside of stand-up comedy, Tina is an accomplished comedic improviser. She completed training at The Improv Shop in St. Louis. Tina is also the co-host of Slop City, a podcast created by Tina Dybal and Libbie Higgins.

JC Sibala

JC’s comedic style has been described as straight-forward, no filter, with a dash of sincerity as he shares his experiences growing up ethnically ambiguous in midwest suburbia. Coming from a diverse background, at an early age he developed the ability to fit in by standing out. As a single father, he also gives audiences a glimpse into the life of a bachelor in the world of parenthood. His funny, onstage charisma allows him to connect with a variety of audiences.

JC is also the co-creator of Wild Card Comedy, the longest running weekly independent open mic in St. Louis.

He is a genuine entertainer from his musical talents and his days as a former model/actor.

Sam Lyons

Sam Lyons spent his childhood watching Jeopardy! and Judge Judy- and it shows. The son of a blind jazz musician turned black republican, he understands the importance of finding humor in everyday life. Whether it’s reliving his first Brad Paisley concert, lamenting failed relationships and deaths in the family, or testifying to the complexity of growing up “technically black” in the South- every moment has a punchline. In addition to regular appearances on shows in the St. Louis region, Sam also co-produces a monthly showcase “Yours, Mine, and Ours”, has hosted for America’s Got Talent’s Taylor Williamson and YouTube’s JP Sears, and took second place at High Ridge, MO’s 2018 Toasted Coffee House Gilmore Girls Trivia Night. Listen to Impolite Company every Monday on for his podcast, “The Lyons Den”

Chris Cyr

Chris Cyr  is the host of Impolite Company, a podcast out of St. Louis, Missouri.  The show is part “Old Man Yells At Sky” and part interviews with other comics from the St. Louis scene.  The show airs daily on 920 AM in St. Louis, or can be streamed from the show’s website, iTunes, Spotify, etc.

A writer and  stand up comic, he lives with his wife, two dogs, and a cat. He hosts and features regularly at comedy clubs in the St. Louis area, as well as many of the area’s independent shows. He’s been fortunate enough to open for a number of national headliners including Christopher Titus, Kyle Kinane, Dick Gregory, and others.

Chris has been a contestant on NPR’s “Ask Me Another” (he lost) and was an expert commentator in a History Channel documentary (about zombies).  He also maintains a website and social media accounts for information about the St. Louis Independent Comedy scene.

Sarah Pearl

Sarah Pearl is a comedian and storyteller from St. Louis. Her style keeps the laughs rolling. She’s shared a stage with Todd Barry, Ron Funches, the Sklar Brothers, Nikki Glaser and Greg Hahn. Sarah has performed at the Laugh Factory Chicago, helium St. Louis, and is an NPR featured storyteller. She performs all over the midwest!

Jonathan Venegoni

Jon Venegoni began performing standup comedy in 2010, and is currently based out of St. Louis. He performs in clubs and venues around the Midwest, and has opened for the likes of Brian Posehn, Sinbad, Rosanne and more. He writes for and is a cast member in local award-winning sketch comedy show Fatal Bus Accident. Give him a hug when you see him.

Doors at 9pm, show at 9:30pm.

Tickets are $10 – CLICK HERE to purchase today!

All proceeds from this event will go to pay Skepticon’s ongoing legal defense bills. Thank you for your support!

See you there!



P.s. You’ll notice this is a paid ticketed event (our first ever!). Skepticon is committed to keeping our conference as accessible as possible and will continue to keep the restof our entire three day event FREE and open to the public. Don’t forget to register today!

SK11 Speaker: Rose Eveleth

Hello Skepticoners!

Introducing Rose Eveleth to the Skepticon 11 Speaker Lineup!

Rose Eveleth is a producer, host, reporter and writer based in Berkeley. She’s dabbled in everything from research on pelagic invertebrates to animations about beer to podcasts about fake tumbleweed farms. These days, she explores how humans tangle with science and technology.

She has a degree in ecology, behavior and evolution from UC San Diego where she did some research on krill, which really was just a front for hanging around in the Pelagic Invertebrates Collection at Scripps Institute of Oceanography.

Then she moved to New York City to get her graduate degree in journalism at NYU. At school, she edited the program’s online magazinebuilt an iPad appinterned a bunch of places, and tried not to get car doored too many times on her bike.

Since then, She’s been a columnist for WIRED, BBC Future and Motherboard, the producer of the Story Collider, the special media manager at Nautilus, a new digital magazine about science, culture and philosophy and the managing editor for LadyBits, a place where women are smart about science. She also edited the Smart News blog at Smithsonian Magazine, and founded Science Studio, a home for all the best science multimedia on the web. Even before that she was an editor of all things animated at TED Education, and a contributing editor at Smart Planet. Most recently she helped ESPN’s award winning documentary series 30 for 30 launch their podcast.

These days she’s the producer and host of Flash Forward, a podcast about the future.

Speaker Twitter, Website, Instagram, Flash Forward Podcast

We can’t wait to see them on our main stage and hope you’re excited, too!



P.S. — Please consider donating to Skepticon today and help us continue to keep this event FREE!

SK11 Speaker: Indre Viskontas

Hello Skepticoners!

Introducing Indre Viskontasto the Skepticon 11 Speaker Lineup!

“I’m an opera singer who came of age during the decade of the brain. I’ve always been pulled both by art and by science and have finally found ways to integrate the two in my work. I finished a Masters of Music degree in Voice Performance and a Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuroscience and currently enjoy faculty positions at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and the University of San Francisco. I’m passionate about communicating ideas to the public, by giving compelling lectures about the brain, hosting two podcasts and performing and directing contemporary opera.”

Speaker Website

We can’t wait to see them on our main stage and hope you’re excited, too!



P.S. — Please consider donating to Skepticon today and help us continue to keep this event FREE!

SK11 Speaker: Miri Mogilevsky

Hello Skepticoners!

Introducing Miri Mogilevsky to the Skepticon 11 Speaker Lineup!

Miri is a writer, speaker, activist, and social worker based in Columbus, Ohio, originally from Israel by way of the Midwest, originally-originally from Russia (but she’s never been there). Her blog, Brute Reason, covers social justice, psychology, mental health, sexuality, and other stuff she cares about. Most of her writing touches on issues like consent and autonomy, direct communication, community building, and rational thinking. Her writing has appeared in the Daily Dot, xoJane, Everyday Feminism, Friendly Atheist, Salon, and other outlets.

Speaker Twitter, Website, Blog

We can’t wait to see them on our main stage and hope you’re excited, too!



P.S. — Please consider donating to Skepticon today and help us continue to keep this event FREE!