woosh a plane!Transportation for your favorite speakers will cost us in the neighborhood of $10,000 this year. All of this will be paid for by donations made by attendees and viewers like yourself. Of course, we are looking into reward programs with airlines and other such discounts but that’s a fair figure for what we will be looking at in the next month or so.

We really appreciate your continued support. We have the greatest community ever and we always manage to pull through.

If you haven’t donated yet, we’d love to have you chip in and help. If you have already contributed, consider chipping in a bit more if your budget allows, or maybe even becoming a monthly contributor. You can cancel at any time and we won’t be upset. You can also chip in a bit more at any time. We won’t stop you. You generous, good-looking person you.

If you have any fun ideas for things the Skepticon Team can do as a donation drive, be sure to let us know! You want to see us play through video games as pacifists? No problem! You want us to eat entirely vegan for a whole day? Door-to-door atheism discussions here in town? Proselytize the downtown area?  Nothing too crazy is off the table!

Also, take a moment to share this post or like it on facebook for more visibility if you can. Every little bit helps!

Maybe in a few weeks we’ll all terrify each other with a short story I like to call, “Expo Center Cost Breakdown: The Sixthening”



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