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We are pleased to announce that this year we will be sharing the Expo Center with Friends Against Hunger again!

Friends Against Hunger is the group that we shared the Expo Center with last year and their goal is to pack 1 million meals in a three-day span to ship to areas of need.

Last year with the help of some of our attendees they were able to meet that goal! They packaged 960,000 meals and enough raw ingredients to allow them to make another 150,000. 308,000 meals were shipped to the east coast for victims of Hurricane Sandy.  Another 120,000 were distributed in and around Springfield area pantries and feeding programs and the remaining meals were distributed to other needy areas.

FAHunger needs approximately 100 people every 30 minutes, and if you want to be one of those volunteers then all you have to do is go online and register. Now they can only handle so many volunteers at once, so if you do not register but want to be a part of this event it is possible that there may not be enough room. So make sure to register if you are interested in helping.

When volunteering you will be signing up for 2 hour time slots, and they start at 10:00 am on Friday and 9:00 am on Saturday and Sunday. Oddly enough it is the same times Skepticon’s schedule starts each day! Its almost like we had planned that.

“Just two hours of your time will make a difference. Bring a group or come alone. Whatever you do, take action today!!” –


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