Skepticon Gets the Warm Fuzzies


As a few of you may have heard, Skepticon made a pretty big decision on what to do with a sponsor a couple of days ago. Since then, quite a bit has happened.To start,we have raised over $3600! All thanks to the generous support of this awesome community. You all have definitely helped us get a great start on funding this year’s con and we couldn’t be more amazed by this community.

We would also like to clear something up: Debbie Goddard is absolutely going to speak at this year’s Skepticon. She has always been an amazing part of this movement and has been especially integral in helping both The Missouri State University Chapter of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and Skepticon find traction in its fledgling years. In short: we heart Debbie.

Thanks for everything!



News Tidbits

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Hello Skepticontown!

Sorry it’s been a while since we’ve posted, but rest assured that we have been diligently working on your favorite (are at least a close second…maybe even third) conference evar!

Some news for you:

  1. We are THISCLOSE to finalizing who is speaking at SK6 and hoo dang, it’s gonna be good. We’ll be releasing names in June, so look out for the information then!
  2. Our good pal Jerry DeWitt has this documentary on Kickstarter on what it has been like to come out as an atheist in his small community, you can see the trailer here. Warning: it’s amazeballs.
  3. The schedule for this year is not yet set in stone, but we will have that by July just in case you were wondering when a certain someone will be speaking or when you can get your drank on.
  4. We think you look really good today, is that a new shirt?

Until next time!




Thank You For Watching SK Speaker Videos

Rob Lehr of Hambone Productions has made a donation, on behalf of Skepticon and the atheist community, from the advertising revenue generated from the speaker videos to the Mtaani Centre, an HIV testing facility, in Nairobi, Kenya.

The money donated will not only fund the entirety of the center’s expenses for a year in which more than 1,000 people will be tested, but will also assist them in buying a house to run the facility rent free.

If you sat down and thoughtfully listened to Tony Pinn’s talk on the Fight Against Theism, teared up as JT Eberhard proposed on stage at the end of his talk, or even if you were one of the asshole commenters on Rebecca Watson’s tear down of popular evolutionary psychology, then we owe you our thanks. Especially if you accidentally clicked a link or you weren’t using Adblock. Double especiallies if you shared the link on Facebook and/or Reddit.

Also, we’d specifically like to thank the speakers for allowing us to monetize their videos wherever possible. Particularly anyone who’s talk generated 30 Reddit threads in less than a year that eventually direct everyone back to the video.

Skepticon would really like to give a hand to Rob for putting all of this together. He is an invaluable resource that puts countless hours of work filming, editing, uploading and maintaining the videos from past events.

Tonight, Skepticon would like you all to don your favorite bed sheet as a cape and jump off the couch.


Because now we’re all saving lives and it’s about damn time we dress the part.