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Hello Skepticontown!

Sorry it’s been a while since we’ve posted, but rest assured that we have been diligently working on your favorite (are at least a close second…maybe even third) conference evar!

Some news for you:

  1. We are THISCLOSE to finalizing who is speaking at SK6 and hoo dang, it’s gonna be good. We’ll be releasing names in June, so look out for the information then!
  2. Our good pal Jerry DeWitt has this documentary on Kickstarter on what it has been like to come out as an atheist in his small community, you can see the trailer here. Warning: it’s amazeballs.
  3. The schedule for this year is not yet set in stone, but we will have that by July just in case you were wondering when a certain someone will be speaking or when you can get your drank on.
  4. We think you look really good today, is that a new shirt?

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