Weekend Rewind: Why you should register for a free conference

Weekend Rewinds will be reposts of old blog posts that are still relevant, updated for the current conference. This post was originally posted 10/11/2016 in anticipation of SK9. Enjoy!

Hi Skeptonites!

We know that sometimes people ask, “Why should I register for a free conference? Can’t I just do it when I get there?” And the answer is yes, at-con check in is available, and we welcome anyone who chooses to do that!

But there are benefits for attendees who pre-register:

  • Dedicated, easy to find check-in line at registration!
  • Faster check-in at registration!
  • Be entered into a raffle for a special prize! (this will be separate from the general raffle that will be announced soon)

There are also benefits to Skepticon for you pre-registering. Planning for a conference involves a lot of ordering of stuff. It’s hard to know how much to order if we don’t know how many people are coming. If we have a better idea of how many attendees we’ll have, we can save a lot of money. We always over-order on stuff, because we want to make sure everyone gets stuff, but there’s over-ordering and then there’s OMG we totally over-ordered 0.0

So, if you’re going to come to Skepticon, or even if you think you might, do us a favor and register!

Click here to register!

Bunches of thanks!
Team Skepticon

PS – As always, donate if you can!

Skepticon Logo

Love may make the world go ’round, but volunteers make the Skepticons happen!

Hey there, Skepticon fans!

Volunteers are the life blood of Skepticon. Like, Skepticon would literally not happen if it weren’t for volunteers. All of us that do the year-round planning are all volunteers, we have volunteers helping out all over the place during the con, our workshoppers are all volunteers, even our main stage speakers are technically volunteers, in that they don’t get an honorarium for their talk (we do pay for their travel and hotel.)

Volunteers are pretty much the most important things for Skepticon to have.

So please sign up to volunteer with us! Here’s the link https://skepticon.org/volunteer/, there’s a short form for you to complete, and you’ll get contacted by Lois, our magnificent volunteer coordinator. We can accommodate variable schedules, different abilities, likes, dislikes, pretty much anything you need us to accommodate. Volunteers are eligible for perks like a special tag to wear with their badge, snacks and/or meals during their shift, and extra high fives all weekend long!

You can use that same link to sign up to volunteer with us as a year-round volunteer, too. Just make a note of that in the “Anything else we need to know” section. You don’t need to be in St Louis, or even Missouri, to be a year-round volunteer. Our current year-round volunteers come from Missouri, Arkansas, Minnesota, and California. You don’t need to attend Skepticon, either. Nor do you need to spend a lot of time. We have lots of tasks that need to be done, and some of them may take as little as 20-30 minutes. If we can delegate these little tasks out to lots of people, it makes things soooo much easier. Many hands make light work, and all that!

So please help Skepticon if you can, and volunteer today!

Team Skepticon

PS — Please volunteer to donate if you can! https://skepticon.org/donate/
And register if you’re planning on attending SK11! https://skepticon.org/register/
And get your hotel room before our block closes on July 18! https://skepticon.org/dont-wait-hotel-deadline-for-sk11-is-coming/

Do you believe in magic?

Greetings, Skepticondlers!

Every year, we choose a theme for Skepticon. You didn’t know that? Yeah, a lot of people don’t. But we do! And the theme for Skepticon 11 is….


Yes, magic! We know that seems like a weird theme for a bunch of supposedly skeptical people, but magic is also just really cool and fun and all around awesome. But why magic, you ask? Well, there aren’t many things that are associated with the number 11 (except for one tragic thing, but we didn’t want to go there…) Lauren, Bluebecca, and James were sitting around, eating ice cream, trying to come up with an idea, when Lauren said, “Well, you get your Hogwarts letter when you turn 11…” And bam! That was it! We’ve integrated all types of magic into SK11, from Hogwarts to unicorns to good old fashioned rabbit from a hat. You’ll see the theme on the programs, on the special raffle item signed by the speakers and others, and definitely at SkeptiProm!

In case you’re wondering what the past themes were:
SK7 = Space
SK8 = 80s
SK9 = Dogs and cats and dinos (because K-9, and 9 lives, and dinos)
SK10 = Robots & Computers (because 0s and 1s are the binary language)

We already know the themes for SK12 and SK13, but we’re not gonna tell you yet because we’re like that *blows raspberry* But we promise they’re awesome!

We hope that attending Skepticon is in the cards for you!

Team Skepticon

PS — Since we haven’t found the leprechaun’s pot of gold yet, please donate if you can! https://skepticon.org/donate/
And register if you’re planning on attending SK11! https://skepticon.org/register/
And get your hotel room before our block closes on July 18! https://skepticon.org/dont-wait-hotel-deadline-for-sk11-is-coming/

The countdown is on!

Hey Skepticoners!

We are officially less than a month from Skepticon 11! Do you know what this means?

. . .

It means we’re going to be posting all the blog posts! Starting today, there will be at least one new post every day with exciting news and announcements about SK11. We’ve added a ton of stuff to Skepticon, and we can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Of course, we’ve already been blogging a bit, so just to remind you of those past posts…

Registration! https://skepticon.org/registration-for-skepticon-11-is-now-open/
Hotel reservations! https://skepticon.org/dont-wait-hotel-deadline-for-sk11-is-coming/
The schedule! https://skepticon.org/sk11-the-schedule/
Friday night comedy fundraiser! https://skepticon.org/introducing-allegedly-a-night-of-comedy/
Our not-at-all-secret $100 donor gift! https://skepticon.org/will-you-be-our-bff/

There are more posts, and you can read them all at https://skepticon.org/blog/

Of course, this wouldn’t be a standard Skepticon blog post without a plug for donations, so go to https://skepticon.org/donate/ to give what you can! From that link, you can do a one-time donation to the conference, sign up for a monthly donation and become a member of our Dino Club (and get a special prize at SK11!), and/or donate to our legal fund (because legal bills are ‘spensive, y’all)

We love our Skepticon supporters!

Team Skepticon

What to do with the kids?

Hey skeptical parents and guardians!

We really wish we could provide childcare for you. Every year, we try to get someone(s) to volunteer to do it, and every year it doesn’t happen.

BUT! We have left open possibilities. The Kalahari and Mojave rooms have been set aside for the kidlings.

A suggestion is to team up with other parents to trade off child watching and con attending. Skepticon can’t help coordinate that, but we will do what we can to help you do the coordination. If you need anything, stop by Skepticon Registration and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Skepticon will leave some crayons, coloring books, and paper (and whatever else we had in storage but haven’t dug out yet…) for entertainment.

We also have use of the in-room video and sound. If someone has a laptop or portable DVD player, we can work to get it set up to stream something online or pop in a disc. Again, check with Skepticon Registration for help!

We know childcare is important to our attendees, and we hope that someday we will be able to provide it. In the meantime, hopefully the community can band together so everyone can have a chance to enjoy Skepticon!

Team Skepticon

Skepticon Community Resources!

Hello again, Skepti-Town!

As we have had in prior years, we have a few resources available to attendees:

Food Pantry — Hungry but broke? Swing by our food pantry for a snack or a meal. Donations are very welcome! For every item you bring, you get a raffle ticket! (limit 5 tickets) This is at the tables across from registration.

Prom Clothes Closet — Want/need an outfit for SkeptiProm? Come see what we’ve got! Everything is free! Donations are very welcome here, too. Clean, gently used clothing, shoes, jewelry, etc, of all types and sizes are wanted! Check it out at the tables across from registration.

Community Board — Come leave a message for a friend, say something nice, or draw a pretty picture. Everyone could use a little happiness in their lives! This is also at the tables across from registration.

Quiet Room Need a little time in a quiet setting? Head to the Sonoran room on level B!

Charging Stations — Power strips will be available in the back of the Grand Ballroom. Please bring your own charging cord, and remember to retrieve your devices! There will be no supervision, and neither Skepticon nor the Oasis will be held accountable for lost or stolen items (though we will do our darndest to help you find them!)

We love all of our attendees, and can’t wait to see you all this weekend!

Team Skepticon

PS — We love donations to our bank account, too!


Boy howdy, Skepticon Town! Where has the time gone?! You need activities information, and stat!

1pm to 5pm — Blood Drive! Community Blood Center of the Ozarks will bring their mobile donation vehicle to drain us of our blood. Please bring your ID, give up a pint, and save a life!

9pm to 1am — Game Night! Join our hosts, Level 3 Games, to play games and socialize with your fellow attendees. For your convenience, a cash bar will be available in the room. It’s always a good time!

9pm to 1am — SKEPTIPROM RETURNS! Music, dancing, and a photo booth! A cash bar will be available. What to wear? Whatever you want! Formal wear, a costume, your regular clothes… as long as you cover your “naughty” parts, you’re good! Come see what we’ve done with our Robots and Computers theme!

9pm to 1am — Saturday Night Social! For those who want to socialize but don’t want the noise of Prom. Hang out, chat, play games, whatever! 

Raffle! Tickets are $1 each or six for $5. Each day will have a different selection. Come check out the amazing stuff we have for you this year! 

See you soon!!!!

Team Skepticon

PS — It’s not too late to donate!

Announcing Skepticon’s Unconference………… The Skepticun!

Hey Skepticondlers!

Open space technology is coming to Skepticon! Hosted by Benny Vimes, this self-organizing event will allow skepticon attendees an opportunity to bring the issues and subjects they consider most important to the skeptical and freethinking communities. Expect lively conversations and copious opportunities to learn.

If you have ever wanted to give a talk at a conference like Skepticon, this is your chance! Begin preparing your talk as soon as possible, as well prepared and practiced talks will be most successful.

If you have a great idea for a workshop, bring your great idea to The Skepticun! This is a great chance to test out a new workshop idea, or to try running one for the first time.

That discussion topic you’re aching to sit down and chat about with other skeptics and freethinkers? Perfect for The Skepticun! Bring your passions and ideas and you will have a chance to explore them here.

At 11am on Friday those attending The Skepticun will meet and self-organize our schedule for the day. It is HIGHLY recommended that you arrive by 11am to participate in this event. The Skepticun will then run until 5pm Friday afternoon.

Looking forward to enjoying this new experience with you!

Team Skepticon

PS — Donate now and have your donation MATCHED!

Legal Fundraising Update!

Hey there, Skepticondlers!

As you probably have heard, Richard Carrier is suing us, and several others. Here is an update on the fundraising!

As promised, the other defendants have started a Go Fund Me campaign, and they’re doing great! But don’t let that big number fool you — the legal bills are still more than that. Help them out if you can by clicking this link here!

Skepticon could also use some more help. We raised a little over $2400, which is fantastic! But again, is not enough to cover all our legal expenses. Help us out if you can! Remember, only donations made by clicking on the button below go to our legal fund. Donations made any other way will go to the conference, unless you tell us otherwise.

[button link=”https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=DQZDEX8AX8JD6″ type=”big” color=”orange”] Click HERE to donate to our legal fund![/button]

Since Skepticon is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, your donation may be tax deductible — talk to your tax adviser!

Thank you so much for supporting Skepticon (and our friends!)

Dino hugs and high fives,
Team Skepticon


Legal Fundraiser Reminder! (and update!)

Hey Skepticoneers!

Over this holiday weekend, we started a fundraiser for our legal bills, as we (and several others) are getting sued. Since many of you may have had such a great weekend that you didn’t make it on to your computers, we thought we would post the link again.

[button link=”https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=DQZDEX8AX8JD6″ type=”big” color=”orange”] Click HERE to donate to our legal fund![/button]

Only donations through that link will be used for our legal expenses — donations made through any other link will be used only for the conference in November.

The fundraiser started out great! We passed $2,000 as of January 2! As fantastic as that is, we know we’ll need more. So please give if you can!

Love and thank you,
Team Skepticon