Hello Friends of Skepticon!

We have had a Prom Clothes Closet for several years now, and it has been quite the success. This year, we decided to take it up a notch, and make it just the Skepticon Clothes Closet. That’s right, all clothes are welcome!

Do you want to get fancy for Prom, but your bank account is looking a little light? Visit Skepticon’s Clothes Closet!

Arrive at Skepticon and realize you forgot your suitcase? Visit Skepticon’s Clothes Closet!

Everything in the Clothes Closet is free to all attendees. We are not the government, we’re not going to make you fill things out in triplicate just so you can pick out an outfit or a bit of bling or whatever. We just want everyone to have a good time!

Do you have clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc, cluttering up your closet? Skepticon’s Clothes Closet is a great way to get rid of them! For every piece you bring in, you’ll receive a ticket to use at the Raffle Table! (Up to 5 tickets per person, but please don’t let that stop you from bringing in more stuff!) We will take *clean*, gently worn clothing and shoes, jewelry, and unused makeup. We need all sizes, all levels of dress (casual to formal), all genders, all ages! But we will not have time to wash everything at the con, so please make sure it’s all clean when you bring it to us! (Oh, and no used underwear or socks, please. New with tags or in the package only. No one wants that dreck.)

Any items left over will be donated to a local charity that follows Skepticon’s support of minority groups (so, NOT Salvation Army…) or held over for Skepticon 12.

Any questions about Skepticon’s Clothes Closet? Email [email protected] for the answers!

Skepticon loves all our attendees, and we want to help you out in all the ways we can! Whether that means a new outfit or a cleaner closet, we hope you get something out of our Clothes Closet!

Team Skepticon

PS — Donate more than clothes, if you can! https://skepticon.org/donate/
And register if you’re planning on attending SK11! https://skepticon.org/register/
You can still get a discount on your room! https://skepticon.org/where/
Let us know if you need childcare! https://skepticon.org/childcare-will-be-available-at-sk11/

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