Howdy again, Skepticonites!

Earlier today, we introduced our new vendor room, where there will be loads of lovely vendors to sell you all those things you didn’t know you needed. Well, Skepticon will have it’s own vendor spot, known as SkeptiShop!

As you may know, Skepticon and our fearless leader, Lauren, were defendants in a lawsuit filed in Ohio that started 2 years ago. That suit was dismissed, but we still owed about $19,000 on our legal bills. Recently, the same plaintiff sued Skepticon and Lauren again, but in our home state of Missouri. We have high hopes for a good result from this suit, but the legal bills are adding up again.

SkeptiShop will have a whole bunch of handmade artsy craftsy stuff that has been donated to us by friends, family, and sometimes virtual strangers who took pity on our plight. 100% of the proceeds from SkeptiShop will go to pay down our legal bills.

Do you make artsy craftsy type things, and do you also take pity on our plight? Feel free to donate items to SkeptiShop for us to sell! We’ll give you a fancy letter you can use as a charitable tax deduction, if you’re able to use such a thing, plus lots of high fives, and your name on the sign at our shop. If you have a donation to give, please email [email protected] to discuss arrangements!

Thank you in advance for supporting Lauren, Skepticon, and our legal woes!

Team Skepticon

PS — Our wonderful co-defendants are also still working on paying off their previous legal bills, and some of them are also getting re-sued in their home states. Help them out, if you can, at

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