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Volunteers are the life blood of Skepticon. Like, Skepticon would literally not happen if it weren’t for volunteers. All of us that do the year-round planning are all volunteers, we have volunteers helping out all over the place during the con, our workshoppers are all volunteers, even our main stage speakers are technically volunteers, in that they don’t get an honorarium for their talk (we do pay for their travel and hotel.)

Volunteers are pretty much the most important things for Skepticon to have.

So please sign up to volunteer with us! Here’s the link https://skepticon.org/volunteer/, there’s a short form for you to complete, and you’ll get contacted by Lois, our magnificent volunteer coordinator. We can accommodate variable schedules, different abilities, likes, dislikes, pretty much anything you need us to accommodate. Volunteers are eligible for perks like a special tag to wear with their badge, snacks and/or meals during their shift, and extra high fives all weekend long!

You can use that same link to sign up to volunteer with us as a year-round volunteer, too. Just make a note of that in the “Anything else we need to know” section. You don’t need to be in St Louis, or even Missouri, to be a year-round volunteer. Our current year-round volunteers come from Missouri, Arkansas, Minnesota, and California. You don’t need to attend Skepticon, either. Nor do you need to spend a lot of time. We have lots of tasks that need to be done, and some of them may take as little as 20-30 minutes. If we can delegate these little tasks out to lots of people, it makes things soooo much easier. Many hands make light work, and all that!

So please help Skepticon if you can, and volunteer today!

Team Skepticon

PS — Please volunteer to donate if you can! https://skepticon.org/donate/
And register if you’re planning on attending SK11! https://skepticon.org/register/
And get your hotel room before our block closes on July 18! https://skepticon.org/dont-wait-hotel-deadline-for-sk11-is-coming/

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