Greetings, Skepticondlers!

Every year, we choose a theme for Skepticon. You didn’t know that? Yeah, a lot of people don’t. But we do! And the theme for Skepticon 11 is….


Yes, magic! We know that seems like a weird theme for a bunch of supposedly skeptical people, but magic is also just really cool and fun and all around awesome. But why magic, you ask? Well, there aren’t many things that are associated with the number 11 (except for one tragic thing, but we didn’t want to go there…) Lauren, Bluebecca, and James were sitting around, eating ice cream, trying to come up with an idea, when Lauren said, “Well, you get your Hogwarts letter when you turn 11…” And bam! That was it! We’ve integrated all types of magic into SK11, from Hogwarts to unicorns to good old fashioned rabbit from a hat. You’ll see the theme on the programs, on the special raffle item signed by the speakers and others, and definitely at SkeptiProm!

In case you’re wondering what the past themes were:
SK7 = Space
SK8 = 80s
SK9 = Dogs and cats and dinos (because K-9, and 9 lives, and dinos)
SK10 = Robots & Computers (because 0s and 1s are the binary language)

We already know the themes for SK12 and SK13, but we’re not gonna tell you yet because we’re like that *blows raspberry* But we promise they’re awesome!

We hope that attending Skepticon is in the cards for you!

Team Skepticon

PS — Since we haven’t found the leprechaun’s pot of gold yet, please donate if you can!
And register if you’re planning on attending SK11!
And get your hotel room before our block closes on July 18!

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