Hey Parental and Guardian Skepticonites!

After long last, childcare will be returning to Skepticon! And not just any childcare, but PROFESSIONAL childcare!

If you are interested in using the childcare services, please make sure send the email as requested below!! And share this post, so everyone gets the news!

Skepticon has teamed up with TLC Family Care, a St Louis company, to care for the littlest of Skepticon’s attendees. TLC caregivers are screened, have background checks, and have CPR and first aid training. You can read more about TLC on their website at https://tlcforkids.com/

We strive to keep Skepticon free for all to attend, and childcare is no different. We want to make sure that everyone who needs childcare can get it. We will be requesting a donation of $5 per hour per child, but no one will be turned away for inability to pay. We’re still ironing out details with TLC, but we anticipate this costing Skepticon several thousand dollars, so any donation will be very much appreciated, even if it’s not the full requested donation!

TLC will take newborn on up, so feel free to pop out that baby Friday morning and then show up for workshops! Well, maybe not… please take care of yourself! But also don’t hesitate to drop off your littles, no matter how little. TLC also welcomes all ages with special needs, but please let us know ahead of time that you’re coming, if you can.

Childcare will be available Friday 11:30am to midnight; Saturday 8:30am to midnight; and Sunday 9:30am to 4pm. That’s right! You’ll be able to catch all your favorite talks and workshops, the comedy show or game night on Friday, SkeptiProm or SkeptiLounge on Saturday, maybe even a quiet meal with your special someone or a new friend! However, no food will be allowed in the childcare room, so you’ll probably need to retrieve your ward at some point…

The childcare room will be on the same floor as the conference rooms, making it easy to drop kidlings off, check on them during the day, pick them up whenever you want, etc. They’ll be in one of the City View rooms, which have large windows to let in natural light, so they’re not stuck in fluorescent rooms all day (unlike the rest of us.) Skepticon will be working with TLC to provide fun, sometimes educational, entertainment for the kids — they won’t just be stuck in front of a TV all day!

In order to do the best planning we can and provide childcare for all those who are interested, please send an email to [email protected] with the answers to the following questions (copy and paste the questions, please!):

  • Your full name
  • A number you can be reached at during Skepticon
  • Children’s full names and ages (ex: Carl Skeptic (7), Marie Skeptic (10))
  • Any allergies? (Please also list food allergies, even though food will not be in the room)
  • Are there any special needs or medical conditions?
  • What day(s) do you plan on being at Skepticon?
  • Do you anticipate using the childcare during the meal breaks?
  • Do you anticipate using the childcare on Friday 9pm-midnight?
  • Do you anticipate using the childcare on Saturday 9pm-midnight?

All responses will be kept confidential, and shared only with TLC staff and those in decision-making positions of Skepticon. More details will be sent in future emails to those who notify us of your interest in childcare. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Rebecca at [email protected]!

If you would prefer to coordinate your own childcare, TLC is available to help! They can provide a caregiver in your hotel room or home — check out their website for options. Skepticon will not provide payment for individual care, nor is Skeption responsible for TLC’s caregivers or their actions outside of our own childcare room.

If you’re a StL local, they’re available for temporary care, permanent care, tutoring, newborn care, senior care — give them a call for just about any help you need for your family!

Skepticon is so happy to bring back childcare for our littlest attendees!

Team Skepticon

PS — Donate if you can! https://skepticon.org/donate/
And register if you’re planning on attending SK11! https://skepticon.org/register/
And get your hotel room before our block closes on July 18! https://skepticon.org/dont-wait-hotel-deadline-for-sk11-is-coming/

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