Win a Skepticon Surly-ramic!

That’s right – Skepticon now has its own line of Surly-ramics! And for the rest of September, every single person who donates to Skepticon will have the opportunity to win one.

Some of these surlies show off our logo, and others feature our website’s little dinosaur (yet to be named – what do you all think? I’ve been referring to him as ‘Steggy the Skeptical Stegosaurus’). The five folks who donate the most will get their pick of the very first batch of Skepticon surlies, and the next five top donors will be sent one of the remaining bunch at random. That leaves one more (pictured), which will be raffled off amongst the remaining donors!

TLDR; If you’re one of the top 10 donors this month, you’ll be getting a surly! And if you donate anything at all, you’ll be entered in a raffle for the one posted above!

ALL donations to Skepticon will count toward the Surly prize – including donations made during registration and donations toward travel grants. There are some really worthy folks seeking travel grants, so please read their stories and consider helping them out:

Jason: “Telling people I was atheist was somehow harder even than coming out as gay. Having been kicked out of my home after high school, I now work to support myself and am trying to put myself through school for a Mathematics degree one course at a time.”

Sheri: “I have come out of the closet to my family and, as a result, have experienced a great deal of Christian sermonizing.”

Anne: “A travel grant would allow me to stay involved while I develop my skills and further my education to help further our goals.”


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