Well, Skepticon fanaroos, here we are, two years into our legal fight with Richard Carrier, and we’re still standing strong for what we believe. But it’s costing us dearly to keep going. Even though we are pooling our resources with the other defendants, our corporate credit card overfloweth, and we will need thousands more $$$ to keep going. (We’d much rather be raising funds for our next conference, so we can see you all, but count on that for next year. We miss all of you amazing people so much!)

So, we’re throwing a fundraiser! (Yay!) And you can choose an amazing and dino-filled, hand-made thank-you gift for your donation. That’s right, each of the fabulous creations on this page were made one at a time by a human Skepticon organizer (okay, except the postcards). The dinos wanted to help, but things came up, and life happened. The usual.

Our penny-pinching ways mean that we were able to keep the material costs for all items to less than 10% of the donation amount on the buttons. So be assured that nearly all of your money will be put directly to work in defending Skepticon and Lauren. We also renew our commitment to use no funds collected for the conference to pay the legal bills. Any leftovers in the legal fund will go to the conference fund, though. Shipping costs to the US are included. If you need international shipping, send us an email and we’ll work it out.

Finally, don’t forget that as a 501(c)(3) organization, funds collected by Skepticon can’t be used for the legal fees for the other defendants. Please also consider donating to the main defense fund.

Select From These Fabulous Thank-You Gifts!

No Thank You, Swag

If you’d just like to send us money and not get anything in return, other than the warm feelings of doing something good in the world, and our heartfelt gratitude, this is the option for you. Picture us doing a happy dance in your honor.

Thank You Postcard

A postcard from our team to you, thanking you for your very welcome donation.

Ask a Dino

A paragraph of no less than 100 words on any topic, from the Skepticon Dino of your choice, posted publicly to our Facebook page. They’ll do their best, but remember that they’re just dinos trying to make a living in this uncertain world of the far future. Some of their knowledge is 65 million years out of date.

Framed Quotes

Quotes on paper, with decorated letters, in 5×7″ wooden frames.

Framed Quote: “You should never let your fears prevent you from doing what you know is right.”

Framed Quote: “The good thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe it.”

Framed Quote: “Words actually matter. They’re significant, they can transform and open up our imagination.”

Framed Quote: “Above all don’t fear difficult moments. The best comes from them.”

Framed Quote: “Always be yourself. Unless you can be a dinosaur. Then always be a dinosaur.”


Custom Framed Quote – Got a favorite quote of a reasonable length? For some extra moolah we’ll make one just for you. (We do reserve the right to reject a quote because of what it says, but never because of who you are.)


Approximately 16″ x 16″, with polyester fill.

Rockets and planets design.

Dinosaur silhouette design.

Cartoon dinosaur design.


Tabletop scenes featuring miniature dinosaurs.

Disco dinorama, featuring colorful disco lighting! Boogie on down to Skeptiprom town. Dinorama is approximately 12″ wide 8″ tall, and 7″ deep. Lighting is powered by 3 AA batteries.

Volcano dinorama, featuring glowing lava! (Note: glowing lava is simulated and will not actually melt your face.) Dinorama is approximately 12″ wide 12″ tall, and 12″ deep. Lava is powered by button batteries.

Space dinorama, featuring helmeted dinos in microgravity! Dinorama is approximately 14″ wide 9″ tall, and 8″ deep. Stars are powered by button batteries.

Protest dinorama, featuring resistant dinos taking to the streets! Dinorama is approximately 12″ wide 6″ tall, and 12″ deep.


All robots are one-of-a-kind sculptures featuring miniature dinos at the controls. They do not move by themselves, but most of them are lighted. If we sell out of robots, we’ll make more and add them here.

We’ll take down the image as soon as we can when a robot is purchased, but it is possible that someone will buy your robot just before you. If that happens, we’ll give you the choice of a refund, another bot, or having us make one as similar to the bot you chose as we can.

Light of Reason Bot

This solid bot is here to help with your toughest reasoning chores. It is lit inside to show you the dinos hard at work.

Doot-Dooer Bot

Inspired by the muppets singing backup to Mahna Mahna (youtube).

Skeptiprom Bot

This graceful dancer is here to help you get your groove on. Bot’s lower half is lit to show the fancy footwork.

Not Tom Servo Bot

They may be related, but this is for sure not the star of MST3K. Tom can talk, but can he light up his globe?

Bottommost Turtle Bot

As we all know, the world is held on the back of a turtle, and from there it’s turtles all the way down. Here is the one at the very bottom, and it’s controlled by dinos, in a well-lit workplace.

Observatory Bot

What, doesn’t everyone have a hovercraft observatory run by dinosaurs? Well, now you don’t have to be the only one missing out. This bot features red light illumination to protect your delicate night vision.

Wise Old Owl Bot

Hard working dinos are here to provide the wisdom of the ages to you from the mouth of this bot. Or such wisdom as was available 65 million years ago. Maybe just “Look out for asteroids!” (This bot is not lighted.)

Safety Dance Bot

Dinos are dancing fools, sure, but with this beauty they’re sure to impress on the dance floor.

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