Sheri’s Story

I have come out of the closet to my family and, as a result, have experienced a great deal of Christian sermonizing. Whenever possible, I challenge Christians concerning their faith. I’ve attended Skepticon in the past and know first-hand what a wonderful event it is. Now that I’ve moved back to Mt. Vernon, it is no longer practical for me to attend Skeptics events. My atheist friends are all in Springfield. I feel like the Lone Ranger here; standing up for atheistic non-belief in the existence of God, spirituality, and the soul.

I am disabled and live on a very meager Social Security Disability. I have no money left even for something as important to me as Skepticon. It is truly motivation and inspiration I need. In the past, Skepticon has assisted me in my arguments attempting to persuading Christians to at least question their faith. Most of them are Christians simply because they grew up in a Christian home. Some have had a spiritual experience; speakers at Skepticon are helpful to me in do a better job debunking their experiences.

I also need the reprieve. Any more sermons against atheism and I may become sick to my stomach!

Sheri needs just $40.00 to get to Skepticon. Donate today!


Shelley · September 24, 2012 at 12:16 am

I donated the last $5 needed and the surplus amount (as it stands right now) so she has a little extra food or gas money. Even though the amount has been hit, I encourage others with a little extra to give another $5 or 10 or so, so she can have a good meal or two or even buy a book or trinket for herself.

Katie · September 24, 2012 at 12:37 am

If anyone else wants to chip in a little extra, we’ll honor it. Generally excess funds will be distributed to other applicants, but we agree that it’d be very nice for Sheri to have a little extra for food or other small expenses.

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