Helloooooooooo Skepticoners!

It’s April 1st, the day where we all are overly suspicious of the intentions of just about anyone we come into daily contact with. Are there really donuts in that box? Is this a bug on my lamp? Is that quarter I see in my path glued down to the pavement or….?

This year, Skepticon has decided to get in on the pranking fun, but we need your help! We want to pull a mostly harmless but very hilarious prank on one of our previous speakers, but which one? Luckily for us, four of our amazing past speakers have enthusiastically consented to be our unsuspecting victims. For the entire month of April, vote whether or not Heina Dadabhoy, Matt Dillahunty, PZ Myers, or Keith Lowell Jensen will be the lovely recipient of…Magic Mormon Underpants! or a Fancy Cardboard Penis! or a One of a Kind Potato!

Click below to vote for the speaker who you’d like Skepticon to prank at the end of April. 1 dollar=1 vote!

heina(Prank Heina!)

keith_lowell_jensen  (Prank Keith!)

pzmyers(Prank PZ!)

Skepticon_Dillahunty (Prank Matt!)  

Who will win? Or is it lose? We can’t wait to see what happens!



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