SK6 Launches Super Serious Schism



When you check in, you will be given a colored armband and an important mission: Win.

It’s the ultimate showdown of Red Team vs Team Blue and it could decide everything. Help your team win points to achieve victory and get the  TOTALLY AWESOME PRIZE!* How do you get in on this? At Skepticon, you can give blood, register to vote, even pack meals for Africa. There are also secret shenanigans to be announced at the event.

Make sure your friends are registered so that they can take part in the antics.

*High fives, bragging rights, and compliments to your attention to footnotes.


  1. Do we get honorary points for already being registered to vote and having horrible gay-infected blood that we can’t donate? :P

    • We’re putting together a petition against the the ban on non-virgin gay blood. Stay tuned.

      • Woot! I printed out my voter registration confirmation from the state website. I’m going to WIN THE ENTIRE SKEPTICON.

  2. No.



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