👻 ooooOOOoooOO Skepticon is HAUNTED!!! 👻

The ghost of lawsuits past still haunts the hallowed halls of Skepticon and we need your help! We only have 10k left for our legal bills and are SO CLOSE to vanquishing this specter! (If you’re thinking “wait, what?” please see here)

For this year’s spooky month fundraiser, help cleanse the halls of Skepticon HQ! Pick your favorite option(s) below to send us and together we can focus our proton packs on getting rid of this ghost from our past once and for all!

Corn Dog Sage

May the steam from these delicious treats restore balance (and feed our hungry dinos). Click here to get steaming!


Perhaps the power of an old priest and a young priest is needed to vanquish our demons?
Click to start the ritual!

Shit Ton of Crystals

Any excuse to have a bunch of neat, shiny rocks is a good excuse in our opinion. LET’S ROCK!
Click this link to start rocking!

The Power of Friendship

Nothing is more powerful than the power of friendship! Let’s link arms and vanquish this foe.
Click here to get friending!

Holy Water

Water is the essence of wetness and also perhaps our saving grace in keeping bad spirits at bay.
Click here to make it rain!

Stake to the Heart

A stake to the heart is a tried and true method for solving problems, right?
Click here to start whittling!

Which will you choose to help Skepticon finally be free from the ghosts of lawsuits past? We look forward to seeing what you choose to send us!

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