We have a sweet design for our official Skepticon 7 t-shirts, and we know you’re going to want one ASAP! That’s why we’re setting up a fabulous pre-order deal for you amazing Skepti-teers! The details like cost and the shipping date will be released on Friday the 29th when the pre-order goes live, but we thought you all would like a sneak peek at the shirt design. Isn’t it pretty!?! Check back in on Friday and get one of your very own! You’ll be in good company when SK7 rolls around as you’ll be one of the best dressed attendees!

While you wait these terribly long 2 days, head over to our speaker bio page or our policies page and read up. You’ll be the best dressed AND the most prepared attendee! Also, if you wanted to drop us a donation so *we* can get prepared for *you* we certainly would appreciate it!

Hugs & Kisses.

Skepticon HQ

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