Hello Skepticonowls,

We here at Skepticon HQ are beyond thrilled to announce this year’s schedule! We’re aiming for something easy, breezy, and I daresay….BEAUTIFUL.


  • 10am – 12pm CST: Workshops
  • 2 pm – 4pm CST: Workshops
  • 6 pm CST: Main Stage Speaker
  • 7 pm CST: Panel (TBA)
  • 9 pm – 12am CST: Game Night


  • 10 am CST: Main Stage Speaker
  • 1 pm CST: Panel (TBA)
  • 2:45 pm CST: Main Stage Speaker
  • 3:45 pm CST: Main Stage Speaker
  • 5 pm CST: Main Stage Speaker
  • 9pm – 12am CST: SKEPTIPROM


  • 11 am – 2pm CST: Workshops

Now you might be thinking, WOW yall this is very cool but also very general. What are the panels? Who are the speakers?? WHAT IS THE THEME OF PROM?!?! Well, I promise that all shall be revealed soon.

….and by soon I mean literally next week. Until then!


Skeptigossip Dinos

P.s. Skeption relies upon donations from people such as yourself to host this event every year. Consider chipping in today and keeping the con alive! Every dollar counts <3

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