It’s that time of the week: time to announce three new speakers for SK5! Drum roll, please…

George Hrab

Hrab is a talented musician who often explores themes related to atheism and scientific discovery in his performances. He serves as drummer for the Philadelphia Funk Authority while masterminding for the Geologic Orchestra. His podcast – The Geologic Podcast – is indisputably fantastic.

Hemant Mehta

Hemant Mehta is simply one of the better people you will ever have the good fortune to meet. He’s the founding blogger at Friendly Atheist, a platform he frequently uses to raise funds for charitable causes within the secular movement. He also teaches math, and insists that you need not despise it.

Deborah Hyde

Hyde is the editor in chief of The Skeptic magazine and a prolific writer on superstition and the supernatural – suffice it to say that her writing career is old enough to drink! She blogs at Jourdemayne.

Our fundraising goal this week is $1000! If we get there, we’ll immediately release the next handful of speaker bios. Thanks for all your support!

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Frank Wall · July 11, 2012 at 3:38 am

Will PZ and Richard Carrier be giving presentations this year? They’ve done so at all of the previous Skepticons. I really enjoy Carrier’s presentations. I always learn so many new things when he talks, I appreciate that he peppers his talks with humor, and I like to hear the odd cuss word or 5 thrown in here or there to put an exclamation point on some of his sentences. Plus, he’s a great historian. And it seems likely that he might get into the mythicist view of Jesus (I’m really looking forward to that!)

I don’t know if this is the proper forum in which to do this, but I think Ophelia Benson would make for an excellent speaker. She an extremely intelligent and well-spoken “gnu atheist” who writes her own blog, Butterflies & Wheels, where she takes on numerous false claims and tears them apart. She’s well-known in the skeptic/atheist community and has spoken at other major conferences.

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