Ready to print and enjoy for the whole family!

Ready to print and enjoy for the whole family!

It’s time for Skepticon’s Sk8th SkAnnual SkeptiThanksgiving Skepticoloring Skepticontest, kids! This year you’ll need to help Carl finish preparing a Very Vegan meal for his friends, with the most creative skepti-riffic among you winning our grand prize!

Carefully follow these instructions and you’ll be set on a course for a wild Skeptiventure!

  • Obtain your parent or guardian’s permission.
  • Be properly vaccinated and STD free-ish (there is some wiggle room on this one, kids!).
  • Use whatever tools at your disposal to complete your glorious piece of Skeptiart!
  • Submit a picture of completed your project to one of your friendly Skeptilebrities, via twitter #skcolor, our facebook page, or a falcon!
  • Wait for results!

The winner will be determined absolutely arbitrarily on or around the middle of December (Hey! We have shit to do!) Please use whatever media/medium you feel properly expresses your thanks this holiday, whether it be a sculpture, oil painting, cubist interpretation, beat poem, or ice sculpture.

Prizes? We’ll think of something fun! Worst case scenario is we send you a box of 2011 Calendars! Remember kids, it’s about the journey, not the destination!

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The Nerd · November 22, 2012 at 12:41 pm

Have you heard of the veggieducken? You should be Googling this right now! One of the ingredients stuffed right down the middle of the veggieducken is [the solution to this puzzle]! I haven’t yet decided if I should be in awe or completely terrified.

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