Everyone who registered before October 17th is entitled to a nifty badge and lanyard to wear around your neck during Skepticon. But even if you didn’t manage to make that deadline, Skepticon this year is using the website lanyrd.com to keep track of the speakers and schedule.

But what you might not know is, if you use your fancy internet pocket computer (mobile phone) you can get the Lanyrd app and you can have the schedule right in your pocket during Skepticon! You can even tell the Lanyrd app which talks and workshops you definitely will want to attend and it’ll keep a nice list for you. It’s so smart!

So no matter if you’ve got a Fruit Phone or a Robot Phone  or even just a phone with a Web Browser you can now keep track of all the goings ons at Skepticon 7.

Just head right here to download the app for your mobile device.

And don’t forget, Skepticon can’t happen without people like you. So Donate.

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