Good news: if you register online by the end of the day today, we’ll give you one for free!!! Best news: they’re pretty pretty bad-ass, brightly colored, and the VERY FIRST SKEPTICON BADGES IN EXISTANCE, so we’re sure you can sell yours for a lot of dollars in 50 years on ebay2.0! Or you can keep it forever in your Skepticon scrapbook. Don’t lie- we know you keep one too.

Anyway, you really do need a badge for Skepticon 7. Since the Oasis Convention Center is private property and we’ve got the place to ourselves, we’re cracking down on security like a boss. While Skepticon is always free, you’ll have to register if you want to stick around so we know who all is on site. And after you register, you’ll need to wear your bad-ass badge during the whole weekend so our security people don’t eyeball you too hard. We need you guys to register ahead of time so we know how many badges to order. If you don’t register ASAP you probably won’t get a badge, and if you don’t have a badge… you’re gonna have to wear one of those lame-o sticky nametags. Makes sense, right? Right.

REGISTER HERE AND SHOW OFF YOUR FORESIGHT AND GREAT PLANNING SKILLS!!!!! Also, if you donated so we could actually HAVE an event, that would be cool too. We’re still pretty far off from our goal of $40,000.00, but we’re getting there! You guys are great! You keep up the good donation work and we’ll keep giving you awesome extras like lanyards and proms!

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