Kitten Billboard: Brief Answers to Brief Questions

When the idea of an adorable atheist billboard was proposed on a prominent blog, we immediately loved it. When donors started saying, “Hey, I’d pay to see that!” we were thrilled. We really couldn’t have asked for a better way to interface with the local community in Springfield, MO.

Where’s the billboard?
At the intersection of Glenstone Avenue and Seminole Street in Springfield, Missouri.

Is there a press release?

I am disgruntled. What should I do?
If it would make you feel better, we have a contact form you can use to air your grievances. Otherwise, I recommend a glass of wine and this video on repeat.

Who paid for the billboard?
The billboard funding was provided by you, the internet, with the explicit purpose of making a horrendously cute billboard for atheists. Most of the donors were readers of the Friendly Atheist blog, where Richard Wade first suggested a generation of totally innocuous atheist billboards.

Those are cats, not kittens.

What are you going to do with the billboard?
The billboard is printed on vinyl that we’ll get to keep after it’s been taken down. It’s 36 feet wide and 10 feet tall – so… kitten tent? Kitten parachute?

More likely: we’ll auction it at SK5 in November.


    • Agreed. The billboard immediately got my attention. Living the life of a closeted atheist/recovering Baptist in southwest Missouri (I’m a hospice nurse folks – you have to give lip service to this god crap), I was ecstatic to see this salvo fired right into the heart of the bible belt. I love the confused reaction fundamentalists have when they see it. You bet I’ll be there. Thank you for choosing Springfield!

  1. This a cute billboard. It is weird that cats and not kittens are pictured but gets everyone’s attention.

  2. Athiest unite under our new kitten flag

  3. I love the cute kitten billboard, and delight in it being your answer to those other atheist billboards that were protested as offensive. Ha!


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