Hey Skepticoners!

Can you believe it’s only 42 days left until Skepticon starts? We are SO EXCITED!!! But we’re also having a cash crisis.

We post our financial reports, but we also know that most people don’t want to read those boring reports. So we thought we would give you a glimpse at the budget for this year:

Accessibility 2,650
Attendee Expenses 2,500
Fees & Insurance 700
Printing 1,000
Speaker Hotel Rooms 3,700
Speaker Travel 3,600
Supplies 500
Venue 9,000
Videography 1,200
Subtotal $24,850
Activities 2,000
Merchandise 4,500
Speaker Gifts 1,000
Total $32,350

The subtotal is the estimated amount that we must receive in order to just put on the conference — no extras. We might be able to pinch a few more pennies, but $24,850 is pretty much the minimum we need.

The items under the subtotal are the things that will be cut or eliminated if we don’t reach our full fundraising goal. This would mean no Prom, no t-shirts or shot glasses, and no way to say thank you to our generous speakers.

So where are we now? We’re at $12,556. That’s right, we are only halfway to the basic, bare bones conference. It would still be awesome, because Skepticon always is, but don’t we want it to be awesomer?

We have had some fantastically generous donors give us large sums of money, but a big portion of our donations are $5-100. When we say every dollar counts, we mean it!

How can you help? We’re glad you asked!

We here at Skepticon Headquarters will do our best to pinch all the pennies and squeeze all the dollars, but we need your help to bring that moolah in. Thank you for your help, no matter how you do it!

Team Skepticon


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