It’s not to late to use our Amazon Smile Link to help out Skepticon if you’ve procrastinated on buying your daddy an epic dinosaur related Father’s Day gift,! Remember, if you sign in to this link- -a portion of what you spent on dear ol’ dad will be donated to Skepticon!!!! You can find exactly the same sweet stuff, and you’ll pay exactly the same amount, but Skepticon gets free dollars! Wahooooo!!!!

Don’t forget about your poppa on June 21st, and don’t forget to help out Skepticon! If you’ve already got this dad-day stuff on lock and his present is already nicely wrapped, you can always just donate directly to help the SK8 cause!!!

If you need help brainstorming on a gift, the Skepticon HQ dads came up with some suggestions for ya!

amazon smile



Dad’s Dinosaur Day book

Grimlock Dinobot Action Figure

Original Jurassic Park on Blu-Ray

Latex Dinosaur Mask

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