Creating a Safe Convention for Attendees

Organizers in the Free thought movement are looking for your help! It’s certainly our goal that Skepticon be a safe environment for attendees, and Ms. Lauren Lane at the Friendly Atheist Blog is asking for your opinions. Creating a Save Convention for Attendees.


  1. Skepticon needs a harrassment policy set in place otherwise I can’t go :(

    • We’ve got one! You can read it here.

      Additionally, all registrants are required to agree to the following in order to submit their registration form:

      “I agree to the terms of Skepticon’s Harassment Policy and acknowledge that any violations thereof will result in my immediate expulsion from the event.”

      “I acknowledge that I have a right to feel safe at Skepticon, and that I am encouraged to report violations of the Harassment Policy to a staff member and to report any criminal behavior directly to the Springfield Police Department.”

      If they don’t check the boxes indicating agreement, their registration will not be submitted and they’ll get an error message indicating that they must agree to these terms.


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