Activities: Art Contest!

Howdy Skepticon Town!

Our fundraising may be slower and lower than we need, but that doesn’t mean we won’t have fun at Skepticon! So many of our activities cost Skepticon nothing or very little, but add so much to the event.

The first activity we want to announce is the Art Contest! This is our 3rd year of having an art contest, and it has been amazing each time. This year’s medium is clay. That’s right, you get to go freeform and make an amazing sculpture, and win a prize for your effort!

Cost: $20 — Limit of 10 entries

Where: In the lobby of the main hall

What you receive: Crayola Model Magic clay, clay tools, paint, and paintbrushes

Attendees will vote on their favorite sculpture!

Details: Sales will start Friday at 9 am and will go until all 10 entries have been purchased. Model Magic is a spongy clay-type material that dries fairly well within 24 hours. You will receive individually wrapped 1 oz packs — 2 white; 1 each of red, yellow, and blue, plus your choice of 2 additional color packs. You will also receive a set of 5 admittedly cheap, plastic clay tools. Paint and cheap, plastic paintbrushes are available to customize your sculpture. Feel free to use your own supplies or decorations! (Feathered dinosaurs, anyone?)

Voting by your fellow attendees will begin Saturday at 2 pm. We hope you can return your sculpture by then, but we don’t want to rush you! You can return it to us at any time. Just because you might be late doesn’t mean you won’t win 1st prize, we’ve seen it happen!

Winners will be announced Sunday at 10:50 am (between the panel discussion and the first speaker.) Everyone wins a prize! First place gets to choose their prize first, second place chooses second, etc down the line. Plus you get to keep your sculpture!

The art contest has been great fun in the past, and we expect it will be again this year! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Team Skepticon

PS – Most of our activities are low or no cost to Skepticon, but the rest of conference isn’t! Donate now and help us keep Skepticon amazing!

Hotel rooms are still available! (for now)

Hi Skepti-town!

We talked to the hotel on Saturday, and there are still rooms available! We know their website makes it look like there aren’t, but don’t believe what you see on the internet! HOWEVER:

  1. You must call them at 1-888-532-4338 in order to book a room. Mention that you’re coming to Skepticon and they’ll give you a discounted rate. Their online system doesn’t work with discount codes, so they’re making us do things the old fashioned way.
  2. Our hold on the rooms expires Thursday, October 13! After that, it is opened to the general public, and getting a room might be harder. As it is right now, we could potentially have the hotel all to our Skepticon selves. Mwah-ha-ha!

The discount rate is $83 per night for a regular room, $93 per night for a pool-side room (plus all applicable taxes, fees, first-born children, lunch money, etc.)

Hope to see you around the hotel!

Team Skepticon


We asked, and we received.

Skepticoners, we made our $1,000 matching challenge! But wait, that’s not all. You donated more than the challenge! Our final total for this last week is $2,033! WOWZA! You over doubled the matching challenge! And with the matching donation of $1,000, that makes over $3,000 in donations this week!

Every dollar always counts to us, but even more so this year. We thank you sooooooo much!

But we’re not done yet! We still have a little over a month until Skepticon 9, and we have so much more we want to be able to offer you! Donate donate donate!

Team Skepticon


PS – For those following along with the bar on our donate page, the amount received includes sponsorships, vendor table fees, advertising, and monthly recurring donations (come join the Dino Club!)


People of Skepticon,

The time is approaching. It is now 12 noon in Springfield, Missouri, which means there is a mere 12 HOURS left in Friday. At midnight tonight, our matching challenge ends, as does our t-shirt pre-sale.

CLICK HERE TO DONATE! Donations made this week will be doubled, up to $1,000!

CLICK HERE TO BUY A T-SHIRT! Our supply at the conference will be limited, so buy now to ensure you get the size and style you want!

We thank you for your attention. Have a nice day.

Team Skepticon

Matching challenge ends Friday!

Hey Skepticoners!

Only 2 more days for your donations to be doubled by our matching donation! Keep on donating so we can meet our full goal of $1,000!

CLICK HERE TO DONATE NOW!!! (or later, or both!)

We’re still far behind on fundraising — but the conference will go on! We have raised enough to pay for speaker travel, speaker hotels, and the venue itself. What we are fundraising for now are the extras that we deem necessary — programs, identification badges, closed captioning, videography, etc. And we’re confident we can make it!

Team Skepticon

PS – Don’t forget our t-shirt pre-sales end on Friday, too. Order yours now to get the size and style you want, because our at-conference inventory will be lower than usual. Don’t miss out!

Fundraising: And suddenly, a matching challenge!

Howdy again, Skepti-mons!

Yesterday I posted about how we need money, pleeeease… and suddenly we got a fund matching pledge from an anonymous donor!

You have been challenged to donate $1,000 by Friday, October 7. That’s right, $1,000 in a week. You’ve done it before, we’re confident you can do it again! Every dollar donated will be matched, so we’ll actually get $2,000 in a week!

There is no donation too small, and every dollar counts! Here’s a giant link to make it easy…


So help us catch all the dollars, and help Skepticon be the very best!

Team Skepticon

Fundraising: Where we are

Hey Skepticoners!

Can you believe it’s only 42 days left until Skepticon starts? We are SO EXCITED!!! But we’re also having a cash crisis.

We post our financial reports, but we also know that most people don’t want to read those boring reports. So we thought we would give you a glimpse at the budget for this year:

Accessibility 2,650
Attendee Expenses 2,500
Fees & Insurance 700
Printing 1,000
Speaker Hotel Rooms 3,700
Speaker Travel 3,600
Supplies 500
Venue 9,000
Videography 1,200
Subtotal $24,850
Activities 2,000
Merchandise 4,500
Speaker Gifts 1,000
Total $32,350

The subtotal is the estimated amount that we must receive in order to just put on the conference — no extras. We might be able to pinch a few more pennies, but $24,850 is pretty much the minimum we need.

The items under the subtotal are the things that will be cut or eliminated if we don’t reach our full fundraising goal. This would mean no Prom, no t-shirts or shot glasses, and no way to say thank you to our generous speakers.

So where are we now? We’re at $12,556. That’s right, we are only halfway to the basic, bare bones conference. It would still be awesome, because Skepticon always is, but don’t we want it to be awesomer?

We have had some fantastically generous donors give us large sums of money, but a big portion of our donations are $5-100. When we say every dollar counts, we mean it!

How can you help? We’re glad you asked!

We here at Skepticon Headquarters will do our best to pinch all the pennies and squeeze all the dollars, but we need your help to bring that moolah in. Thank you for your help, no matter how you do it!

Team Skepticon

Donations = Conference

Team Skepticon would like to remind everyone that ALL donations go to the conference and ONLY to the conference. If Skepticon ever needs funds for anything else, our team will work to obtain them in another way, or will be very up front about where those particular donations go.

We thank everyone for their support to keep Skepticon the largest FREE skeptic conference in the nation!

Team Skepticon

PROM!! prompromprompromprom

Well, Skepticondlers, the rumors are true… SkeptiProm is on again!

Saturday, November 12 at 9 pm, we are gonna get our groove on and boogie the night away!

There will be a photo booth for your requisite prom photos — with better lighting this time!

There will be a cash bar, and we’re going to work with the bar staff to whip up a greater selection of non-alcoholic libations!

There will be music and dancing and talking and just having a great old time!

Stay tuned for more Prom announcements in the coming weeks… we have some fantastic secret things in the works!


The SkeptiProm is amazing, but it can only happen if the conference as a whole happens, and we need donations to make that a reality! Please click here to donate!


Hey Skepticoners!

SK9 is once again being held at the beautiful Ramada Oasis — home of the glittery teal floors!

The Ramada is all set to take your room reservations. Rates are $83 for a regular room and $93 for a room by the pool.

You must call them at 888-532-4338 to make a reservation with the SK9 rate. Just mention Skepticon 9 when making the reservation and you’ll be all set!

Reservations made through the website won’t receive the discounted rate, but you can go here to check out the property and maybe answer any questions you have.

Team Skepticon is looking forward to another fantastic year at the Ramada Oasis, and hope to see you there!


Love, Skepticon


PS – The Ramada has a fantastic convention center, but it’s not free. Donate here to help us with venue expenses!