Hey Skepti-tendees,

We work to make Skepticon a safe place for everyone, but we also know things can happen outside our control or despite our best efforts. Here are ways to find help:

  • Call 911 if someone requires immediate medical attention or if there is immediate danger
  • Notify an organizer — look for a PINK name badge
  • If you can’t find an organizer, ask a volunteer — look for an ORANGE name badge
  • If you can’t find an organizer or a volunteer, ask a speaker — look for a BLUE name badge
  • At any time, you can notify a hotel staff person and they will assist you in finding an organizer

Skepticon takes harassment seriously. If you or someone you know feels harassed, please report it immediately. We have a protocol and we aren’t afraid to use it!

Be good to yourself and to your fellow attendees, and let’s make this the safest Skepticon ever!

Team Skepticon

PS – We’re almost there, just mere days, nay, hours, left! Please donate if you can!

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