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After reading about some recent events, we here at Skepticon HQ want to make sure that our event is as accessible as possible to any and all that want to come. After doing some brainstorming on what we can do, it finally hit us that we should ask all of you (our most favorite people ever) how we can make this event a better experience. What kinds of things can we do to make this event as accessible and awesome as humanly possible?

Here are some things we are brainstorming to help kick off the conversation:

  • Ginormous signage
  • ASL Interpreters for as many talks as we can manage (Anyone know of awesome volunteers for this?)
  • Braille printed programs

It’s important to us here at Skepticon that everyone have the best experience possible over our convention weekend, so let us know what we can do to increase the amazeballness.



News Tidbits

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Hello Skepticontown!

Sorry it’s been a while since we’ve posted, but rest assured that we have been diligently working on your favorite (are at least a close second…maybe even third) conference evar!

Some news for you:

  1. We are THISCLOSE to finalizing who is speaking at SK6 and hoo dang, it’s gonna be good. We’ll be releasing names in June, so look out for the information then!
  2. Our good pal Jerry DeWitt has this documentary on Kickstarter on what it has been like to come out as an atheist in his small community, you can see the trailer here. Warning: it’s amazeballs.
  3. The schedule for this year is not yet set in stone, but we will have that by July just in case you were wondering when a certain someone will be speaking or when you can get your drank on.
  4. We think you look really good today, is that a new shirt?

Until next time!




TGIF! SK6 Hotel Information Released!

Happy Friday everyone!

I am happy to announce the hotel information for Skepticon 6!

Accommodations will be at the University Plaza Hotel Center that is across from the Expo Center. You can follow this link to reserve your hotel rooms or use the code SKPT13 when you reserve online or over the phone.

We here at Skepticon HQ hope that you all have a great weekend full of skepticism and awesomeness. And donuts. Aaaaand bacon.



A Very Skepticon Christmas Released!

Our latest and greatest children’s book has finally been released for charity, A Very Skepticon Christmas!

This one is available through, which will not only allow it to get into your hands pretty-darn fast, but also gives us a sizeable percentage of the profits after the manufacturering cost.

All of the profits are being split 50/50 with Camp Quest and the St Louis Children’s Hospital. Why? Because Skepticon skepti-hearts the shorties. Later today the ebook will be available for purchase on this very page.

This one will be available as tip jar. Donate what you can, even if it’s $0.01. You may even decide to look at it first before tipping, that’s cool too.

My goal is to have it available as a mobi (Kindle), epub (Nook) and pdf (Everything/Print). In all honesty, if you hate all those options, just shoot me a line via twitter @FloydZamarripa and we’ll work something out. Maybe you can only view it as an rtf, or you just want the content pasted into an email, or mailed to you as a handwritten letter, I don’t care.

A fucking deerstalker! I know, right?!

Please spread this around like a fun, family friendly, pro-children STD wildfire via all of your preferred social media outlets!

Buy the full color printed version here at lulu: A Very Skepticon Christmas

Hurry up and five star our book so that we can take down that pretentious CL Fails and his uppity “The Christmas Cookie” from the top of the Children’s sales charts!

Click the donate button below to pick your price for the PDF version of the ebook!
Note: Due to filesize, this is distributed as a torrent, through our friends-of-Skepticon Piratebay program.

Skepticon Apologizes for Shirtpocalypse 2012

We are so so so so sorry.

Those t-shirts you are absolutely, and rightfully, pissed off at us over? You know? Those you ordered months ago? Well, they are finally en route. We will have them in our hands in 2 weeks. Then we will be able to ship them to you immediately.

We didn’t want to announce anything until we were 100% fucking certain that this was the case, due to the extreme amount of absolute cluster-fucks that have occurred at every level of this veritable Shirt Great Chicago Fire Hindenburg Apocalypse.

We are looking into ways we can make this up to you. Again, we are stupid amounts of sorry and feel absolutely awful and hate ourselves daily :(


Your friend,