Skepticon loves talking about our sponsors because they rock SO MANY FACES! Today we’d like to gush all about Evolvefish.

It’s basically the mission of Evolvefish to make awesome sciencey/skeptic/freethinker swag for us all so we can be cool kids. Don’t believe me? check out their mission statement?

We are EvolveFISH (Freethinkers in Service to Humanity)! Representing Atheists, Humanists, Scientists, Skeptics, People of Reason and a vision of the future that is brighter for all people! Our goal is to counter the destructive aspects of religious zealotry and rampant unreason. We seek to peddle rationality and promote peace. Our products are great to start conversations, find like minded friends, flag fellow freethinkers and even tip off another atheist in the office or at school to find out that you are NOT alone! Remember that even little FISH can start BIG waves! Use our products to help you make an impact in this world. We have but one life, why not seek to make it one filled with happiness, tolerance, reason and good cheer? That’s what we here at believe and we hope you’ll join us in that mission!

See? I TOLD you! Evolvefish helps us stay cool and swag and yolo and some other word those crazy kids are using! On top of all that, this year Evolvefish has generously donated a vendor table for an organization to use AS WELL AS one of our workshops. One could almost say they are too cool for school.

Here’s where you can find them on the webs, be sure to go say HI!



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