Join the Dino Club and Be AMAZEBANANAS!

Join the Dino Club and Be AMAZEBANANAS!

Hello Skepticontown!

We here at Skepticon HQ are happy to publicly announce DINO CLUB!

Dino Club is a group of totally amazing people who donate monthly to help keep Skepticon running. In return for their generous donations, these absolutely amazing badasses receive the following perks:

  • Learn Skepticon news before everyone else as a part of our super non-secret and awesome Dino Club email list! Half love letter, whole awesome!
  • Special gifts at the convention! Can you say tiny dinos with capes?!
  • Bragging rights! YOU RUUUULE!
  • Your name listed on our website for everyone to see! Dude, that’s totally your name!
  • Anything else we can come up with that sounds cool! Exclamation poiiiints!!!!!

Want to join in on the fun? Become a monthly donor today and join the aptly named Dino Club to help us feed the dinosaurs.



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