Skepticon strives to create a yearly event that is accessible for as many attendees as possible. This year, we’re hoping to take that mission a step further:


[Skepticon 8 Closed Caption from Kaitlyn Chandler on Vimeo.]

Not only do we want to incorporate a live closed captioning service, we’ve obtained the services of not one, but two sign language interpreters who will be interpreting our main stage speakers all weekend.

While we as a conference work hard to stretch every dollar, we realize the importance of accessibility and its necessity for spaces such as ours. You certainly cannot put a price on accessibility, but services such as these are not cheap. That’s where you can help us make a difference.

Together we can make a bigger, brighter, more inclusive conference. Please consider donating to us today and helping Skepticon reach this goal!



P. S. We here at Skepticon HQ strive to create an event that works for attendees in all our physical and mental variety. We must balance that goal against limited fiscal resources, the paradox that sometimes one attendee’s accommodation is another attendee’s barrier, and an entirely volunteer work force. We always welcome discussion exploring how we can better accommodate our attendees. We attempt to answer common questions and be honest about known barriers. Please contact [email protected] for accommodation requests, questions or suggestions. We want to work with you!”

P. P. S. Here is our venue’s very own accessibility brochure, go ahead and take a look!

P. P. P. S. Like Skepticon? Want to keep us around? Donate today and make the world more awesome!

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