We get asked on a regular, millisecond-level basis, why Springfield, MO?

Skeptic, humanist, and atheist conferences in the U.S. tend to (consensually) hug the coasts. This makes it easier to attract attendees from big coastal cities. These cities also have large, fancy conference facilities and entertainment nearly round the clock. It also can make them need truckloads of $$, and be difficult for people from the middle of the country to attend, especially those of modest means.

Skepticon takes a different approach. We think that Missouri, at the intersection between the American south and Midwest is an ideal place to be talking about secular, humanist, and skeptical approaches to life. It is here more than anywhere else in the U.S. that people outside the bounds of religion can feel lonely, and in need of like minds to get together with, to laugh and drink with, to learn, to dance, and to play obscure or rude card games with. A place to relax and be themselves for a long weekend.

Springfield is also located over massive secret dino burial grounds, so there is that. Oh, and the cashew chicken!

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