When you step outside of the lecture caverns at Skepticon, you will find many other things going on.

First, you will notice our lovely hallway tables where vendors will equip you with all the books and videos and shirts and pins and bumper stickers and doodads and gizmos that you could desire in your quest to be the complete heathen. Organizations are at these tables, too, looking for your help or looking to help you.

Speaking of helping, Skepticon hosts a blood drive on Friday. Look for the bloodmobile outside the registration area. Donate a pint and you’ll be a hero! Anyone donating a gallon or more will win a trip to the hospital! (Editors note: do not donate more than a pint ohmythor.)

On Friday night we host games in the conference center. Our favorite local game store supplies many games, but feel free to bring your own favorites!

Then for Saturday night, Skeptiprom will be back for its third year. Dress up, or come as you are and dance until they kick us out.

Another recent tradition at Skepticon is the art contest fundraiser. Look for an announcement of this year’s medium and theme, and start making your plans.

The Skepticon raffle is where we choose lucky winners of all the stuff we don’t want to store amazing artwork and more created just for this year. Buy your tickets at the merchandise table, and drop them into the buckets in front of the things you want to take home.

These are only some of the activities going on around Skepticon, we’re always adding new ones. Come see for yourself!

This message has been brought to you by the Skepticon Team–if you like what you see, please consider donating!

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