Yeah, really! Says so right in the name. It’s even in Missouri – the ‘Show Me State’.

Okay, so we give our skeptical side-eye to a lot of things that other skeptics groups consider to be outside the traditions of the skeptical movement. But skepticism is an approach to finding the truth by valuing evidence and reason, recognizing human biases and limitations, and working to overcome them. Skepticon promotes skeptical thought on a wide range of topics, from bigfoot to bigotry, psychics to society, reflexology to religion. So many ideas can benefit from a skeptical look.

Being a well prepared skeptic takes more than knowing that homeopathy is just expensive water or that UFOs aren’t abducting livestock. Talks and workshops on the philosophy of skepticism, political activism, and how to apply your skeptical super powers in real life help make you an agent for change where you live.

The diversity of communities that Skepticon wants to serve also broadens our outlook. Come to Skepticon for a look at issues that concern people who have very different backgrounds from yourself. We are blown away every year by  seeing things from a new perspective. Speakers, workshoppers, all the amazing attendees – everyone at Skepticon knows something that will rock your world and make you a better skeptic.

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