Team Skepticon interrupts your regularly scheduled blogs to bring you this message:

On Sunday, September 25th, tune in to THIS! VERY! WEBSITE! Via the magic of the intertubes, join Jason Thibeault as he live-streams a Megaman Marathon to raise funds for everyone’s favorite free skeptical conference… uh, what was it called again? Skep-… something? Right, I shoulda just looked at the site header — Skepticon!


This star- and death-studded event will feature, live via Skype, many of the folks who bring you Skepticon every year, on an all volunteer basis, making the case for donating while Jason fails miserably at Megaman for twelve straight hours! MARVEL at his caffeine-fueled stamina and lack of practice! THRILL at the anecdotes about Skepticon delivered by charismatic, talented, and contractually-obligated callers! PAY your hard earned cash-moneys to help keep this amazeballs conference alive!

OMG THAT SOUNDS AMAZINBA…hey! Jason used our word!

Join us on Sunday for what is sure to be a mega-awesome time.



P.s. Donate to Skepticon right now and win 1 million brownie points! Each dollar goes directly to making your favorite conference happen.

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