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We’ve come back from the dead to haunt you with the announcement of our third panel for Skepticon the 13th: Statistics Don’t Lie*

Description: Over the course of the pandemic, we’ve been inundated with important news in the form of numbers. Unfortunately, the WHO, CDC, and local authorities often disagreed about what those numbers meant in terms of how we should manage our personal risk. This isn’t uncommon in data science and statistics, where results depend on (*)the questions asked and the assumptions made along the way. Those authorities weren’t even necessarily wrong to disagree. Our panel is experienced in statistical work and making that work accessible to audiences not made up of math geeks. We can’t tell you the best way to deal with the lingering pandemic, but come find out what kinds of questions to ask when you’re presented with statistics as the answer to your questions.

Featuring panelists Jamie Bernstein and Ian Cromwell with moderation by Stephanie Zvan, this event will be held on August 14th at 3:00pm CST via zoom. Click here to RSVP to the Facebook Event where the zoom link will be in the description.

Honestly, what could be scarier than MATH?! Nothing, that’s what. Trust us, we’re a bunch of creatives who ended up running a nonprofit so we know what’s up.



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